My Mother, My Colleague: A Reunion Story

Author: PeopleFinders on October 11th, 2018
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How far would you go to reunite with a long-lost family member? We’ve heard of people travelling across the globe to reconnect, or to meet relatives for the first time.

Sometimes, it’s much easier. A woman named La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark didn’t have to go very far to connect with her mother after decades apart.

A Young Pregnancy

Francine Simmons was pregnant at the tender age of 14. It was too much to handle at the time. Simmons put her daughter in a girl’s home where she could get the care and attention she needed.

Decades later, Simmons continued to wonder about her daughter. Where is she now? How did she turn out? Is she happy? There were so many questions.

Despite ongoing attempts to find her offspring, the records Simmons needed were sealed and unavailable. She met nothing but dead ends.

La-Sonya also spent years searching for her mother. But neither woman had any luck.

Birth Records Released

At 38, La-Sonya got a break. Birth records from the time she was born were finally made available by the Ohio Department of Health. She used these public records to learn her mother’s name.

Once she had the name, La-Sonya took to social media. She ran a Facebook search for her mom’s moniker. Before long, she found a match. For the first time, she was actually discovering information about her birth mother.

A Workplace Coincidence

La-Sonya was shocked and elated to find her mother online. What happened next was even more surprising.

In an amazing twist, mother and daughter worked at the same company. In fact, La-Sonya instantly recognized the woman. They’d seen each other at work, but never knew they shared a deep connection.

After processing this, La-Sonya made the long overdue call. A woman answered. The nervous caller blurted out: “Is this Francine? I think I’m your daughter.”

She was right. Thanks to some birth records, social media and a bit of luck, mother and daughter were reunited. Not only did they work in the same building, they also lived just six blocks apart.

A Growing Family

This amazing story doesn’t end with their heartwarming reunion. It gets even better.

When Francine Simmons was a bit older, she had three more daughters. So not only did La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark find her long-lost mom, she also met siblings she never even knew existed.

And believe it or not, one of those sisters also works in the same building.


At PeopleFinders, we love stories about people who reunite after time spent apart. If you’re looking for someone from the past, visit us and find them with a quick people search.

As for La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark, she’s now got an extended family. They’ll be spending a lot of precious time together. We’re happy for them all.

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