Make Your First Date Perfect

Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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Are you among the 44% of American adults who are single? If you’re looking to change your status from “Single” to “In a Relationship” this year and have a special someone in mind, the following tips can help you make that first date one the two of you will never forget!

1. Challenge the Norm

When you hear the words “first date” you probably think of three activities- having dinner, seeing a movie, or getting drinks. Wow your date by shaking things up with new and fun experiences. Consider replacing dinner at a fancy restaurant with a couples cooking class (bonus points if the class is for your date’s favorite food), or heading to the mini golf course instead of sitting silently at the movies. 53% of singles say that a great smile is the most attractive feature in a potential mate, so activities that encourage laughter are a perfect way to leave a lasting impression.

2. Don’t Be a Cellphone Junkie

More than 91% of American adults have a cell phone, 34% of which admit that they could only go a few hours without their phone. One of the fastest ways to kill your date’s interest in you is to be a cell phone junkie. Instead of being one of the 30% of people who check their phones every 30 minutes, make your date a priority by shutting off your phone while you’re spending time together. Your date will appreciate your attention, and you’ll be free to spend quality time together without distractions.

3. Be Aware of Your Body Language

Body language is a powerful indicator of your interest, or lack thereof, in your partner. In fact, when you first meet a person 55% of their first impression of you comes from your body language! Make your date comfortable by smiling, not crossing your arms, and meeting their eyes when you speak- all are signs of a welcoming personality.

4. Check Them Out First

Before you head out to your date, remember- safety first! Performing a Criminal and Background Check can save you from finding out too late that your special someone has a criminal record. Or worse, that they’re already married!

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