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Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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How much do you know about your family tree? October is Family History Month – a great time to learn more about the people who came before you.

Tracing your family history can be a rewarding experience that comes with unexpected turns, surprising twists, frustrating dead-ends, and amazing discoveries. Genealogy enthusiasts often spend years searching for old documents, tombstones and photos to learn more about their past.

Find People Who Remember

One of the best resources for unearthing your roots is commonly overlooked; people who already have a wealth of knowledge. You may have a grandparent, uncle or aunt, or even a distant relative who is proud of their work as family historian. People who spend time researching their family tree are excited about what they’ve found, and eager to share.

Amateur genealogists like to paint extensive profiles of their ancestors. Their stories may hold the key to a puzzle that has baffled you for years. These tales can’t be found inside a government document or on any website. They only exist in the minds of people who lived them, and people who heard these stories from someone who was there.

A History Of Family Storytelling

People have communicated through stories for centuries. Wonderful tales were once passed from generation to generation, but sadly that tradition is not as prominent as it once was. It’s time for a resurgence of the family legend. We can learn a lot about our ancestors, and ourselves, from everyone who shares a branch of our own family tree.

You may be surprised to discover who has a compelling story to tell. A second cousin who will never forget the heart-wrenching tale told by a relative who passed away years ago. An in-law who learned more about your family than you ever thought possible. The great-uncle who still remembers his own great-uncle. Finding people who love to tell these stories and learning what they already know is a satisfying way to fill in the gaps of your lineage.

Become A People Finder And Historian

If you’re like most people, you may have family members you haven’t seen in decades. Perhaps some you’ve never even met. Any of these people could hold the knowledge you’ve been seeking for so long. But how do you find them?

PeopleFinders.com is dedicated to helping you find anyone, anywhere. Use our People Search service to find all the relatives you lost touch with long ago. Reconnect with them to share the stories, photos and heirlooms that help create the complete picture of your family history.

Do you have a large family? A People Search Membership gives you unlimited searches so you can find everyone who may have a tale to tell. Request your membership today, and get ready to learn about your ancestry in the most exciting way possible: from the people who still remember.

Share Your Family Story

Have you put together your family tree? Were you able to find relatives who helped you along the way? Leave us a comment to share your story, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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