How to Know if She’s the One

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Flings and casual dates can be nice, but after a while, most people start looking for someone to settle down with. Whether that means full-on marriage or recognizing an extremely deep connection and deciding to stay with them for the foreseeable future, it’s an important part of many people’s relationships. But how do you know if she’s the right person to dedicate yourself so strongly to? Here are some important things to look for that can tip you off to the fact that she’s the right one for you in the long term.

You like telling people about her.

You should never feel as if you need to hide the most important person in your life, so if you’re contemplating turning her into that most important person, you have to like telling people about her! You shouldn’t be downplaying how happy she makes you feel, or making jokes about “the ball and chain.” A long-term relationship should be something you enjoy, and something you tell other people you enjoy. If you’re talking about her like she’s a chore or something you’re annoyed with, you’d be doing both her and yourself a disservice by talking to her about a more committed relationship. Think about if you’re happy in your relationship, and if you enjoy telling other people how happy you are as well.

You’re comfortable talking to her about anything and everything.

You should never be worried or uncomfortable talking to the most important person in your life about important things, whether those things are about them or not. It’s a very bad sign if you’re so anxious about telling them things that you refrain from it entirely. A healthy relationship should involve communication, even if that communication is difficult, so you need to make sure you’re able to talk to her. If you find yourself withholding things, especially if you realize that your reasoning is because you’re afraid she’ll be upset at you, it might be time to think about whether you need to reinterpret your relationship.

You intentionally avoid lying to her.

On the other hand, if you’re hiding things because you know you shouldn’t be doing them, that’s also a very bad sign. Sure, you don’t want her cheating on you, but at the same time, you absolutely shouldn’t be cheating on her either. If two-thirds of people can stay faithful, you can too. You also need a valid reason not to be lying to her. You should be truthful and faithful because you appreciate her and you don’t want to hurt her, not because she might find out or you might lose respect or trust in the eyes of your peers. If you’re interested in making this relationship serious, you need to dedicate yourself to her and genuinely want to be good to her.

She is an important influence in your life.

You don’t want her to be controlling your every move; no one wants that, and she shouldn’t either. If you’re going to be in such a committed relationship, however, you need to appreciate her input in the things you do and the decisions you make. After all, if your relationship moves forward even further, you might legally have to make decisions together! You should be able to trust her judgment when she gives you suggestions, and she should also be willing to accept when you want to do something that she might not think is the best option. Above all, you need to be able to decide on things with no lingering frustration.

You trust her.

You should base your relationship on mutual trust, and that means you need to trust she means what she says. If you’re worried that she’s hiding something, you can soothe your fears by using PeopleFinders to check on her quickly. With PeopleFinders, you can do a background check, or criminal records check, so you can be completely sure she’s someone that you’ll be safe in a long-term relationship with. Running a thorough background check with PeopleFinders will make sure that you can proceed with your potential relationship with no hangups!


If you’ve noticed the signs above, and have run a background check using PeopleFinders, and you still don’t have any worries, it might be time to ask her about taking your relationship to the next level. Based on your commitment level, it’s likely that she’s thinking the same thing! Just make sure you found your relationship on mutual trust and affection.

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