How to Know if Your Relationship Is Becoming Serious

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Being in a relationship is fun, but many people have casual relationships before finding the person they expect to spend the rest of their life with. If you’ve never found someone that you’ve progressed even slightly past the casual stage with, you might not know how to tell when your relationship has turned into something genuinely serious. Here are a couple of simple little ways to tell if your “casual fling” has become something much, much more.

You find yourself sharing more private things with them

Sure, the “first date questions” are nice, and there are plenty of questions you can ask to get to know surface-level things about people. But there are also aspects that even the most public people don’t share with everyone. If you’re realizing that you’re really sharing your heart with someone on a regular basis, it might be time to ask yourself if there’s something deeper happening. Someone who knows all of the deepest desires of your heart probably isn’t only a fling. Think about how many of your other friends know the things that your partner knows. If they know things that you only feel comfortable telling your closest friends, then they’ve probably become one of those friends without you noticing.

You enjoy spending time with them, even if you’re not doing anything

It’s difficult to tell when you feel truly comfortable around someone, but one of the biggest markers is when you enjoy being around them — even if you’re sitting in a room together doing different things. If you’re on the couch together, and your significant other is eating lunch, and you’re on your laptop, but you still feel that closeness and comfort, something important has happened. That kind of casual, comfortable silence is something you’ll only experience around close friends. Do you feel as if you always have to say something? Does it feel awkward and stilted to be quiet? Are you making small talk to fill the silence? If none of those are true, then you’ve probably got a winner on your hands.

You don’t freak out if they don’t respond to your messages within five minutes

If you want a good, healthy relationship, you need to have mutual respect and trust. In the early days of a relationship, it’s natural to get excited when they reply to your texts and to get worried if you get the read receipt but no response. As things progress, however, you should realize that there are plenty of reasons why someone might not respond to your text immediately. You might also learn that there’s no reason to assume they hate you if they’ve read your text but not responded. Once you start realizing these important things, that probably means your relationship has progressed significantly — and it might mean that it’s time to take it to the next level.

You don’t keep secrets from each other

When you’ve reached a certain point in your relationship, you’ll stop with all the tips you’ve learned about trying to impress your significant other because you know they like you for who you are rather than the image you’re putting up. You also want to know they’re doing the same. It’s important to know that your significant other is who they say they are. If you’re not lying to them, you want to be sure that they’re not lying to you, either, and it’s not always easy to know. If you ask, there’s every possibility that they’ll lie to you again.

If you’re considering committing to someone, you need to use PeopleFinders to uncover any potentially-unsavory information that they’ve been lying to you about. Even a quick check is enough to discover things that you might have been sure they could never do. Run a background check, or criminal records check to see how honest they are. It’s extremely important to do so before you make the jump from “just dating” to “in a relationship.”


Changing your relationship status from “single” to “dating” is exciting, but it’s just as exciting to move from dating to something a little bit bigger. That line, however, is not quite as clearly defined, and it can leave you wondering when you’ve become a couple. By thinking about your relationship in a larger sense, and measuring how comfortable you feel around them, you can get a pretty good idea. If you have decided that you are getting serious, use PeopleFinders to ensure that you’re getting attached to the right person. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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