A Kidnapped Boy Reunited With His Family After Three Years Apart

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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Child abduction. It’s a crime that’s almost too painful to discuss. But it is tragically common in cities like Shenzhen, China.

In 2008, a 3-year-old boy named Peng Wenle was kidnapped. It happened on the street in front of his family’s small business. The boy’s father, Peng Gaofeng, feared he’d never see his beloved son again.

It Only Takes A Moment

Peng Gaofeng is proud of the business he built. He and his family moved to moved to Shenzhen in 2006 and opened a store where locals could make long-distance calls. One busy afternoon, young Peng Wenle went outside to play with friends. In just a moment, he was gone.

A surveillance camera later revealed that Peng Wenle was picked up and carried off by a stranger. Although the images were enough to reveal the kidnapping, they were too grainy to identify the perpetrator. And just like that, another child was missing.

A Frantic Search

The family was devastated, but desperate to find their abducted son. They put up fliers and posters throughout the city, begging for information. No one came forward.

As one heartbreaking day moved on to the next, family members frantically tried to stay positive. Xiong Yili, Peng’s mother, expressed her frustration: “China is such a big country. We thought it would be like finding a needle in the ocean.” Nothing seemed to work. It was time for a new approach.


The Internet serves thousands of purposes. A group of Chinese citizens, under the leadership of Professor Yu Jianrong, is using the Web to help reunite families with abducted children. With their help, China now boasts a series of websites where families can post photos and comments about kidnapped kids.

After trying everything he could think of, Peng Gaofeng began to believe he would never see his son again. When he heard about the microblog sites, he decided to give them a try. He uploaded photos and asked people to contact him if they had any information at all.

The Long-Awaited Response

While in a small village about 800 miles away from Shenzhen, a university student saw a child he recognized. The student believed this boy matched a photo he’d seen online. He quickly contacted the man who posted the photo.

Peng Gaofeng was surprised to hear from the student. By now three years had passed, and he feared he’d never learn what happened to his child. After receiving photos from the helpful student, Peng Gaofeng was certain. The boy was his missing son.


Local police were called immediately. Authorities made arrangements and accompanied Peng Gaofeng on a flight to see the 6-year-old who could be his child. They were to meet outside of a police station near the village.

The moment their eyes met, they knew. Father and son were together again. As Peng Gaofeng broke down in tears, officers asked the young boy who he was. The child replied, “That man crying is my father.”

Back Home

Today, Peng Wenle is finally where he belongs. It may take some time to readjust to being back home, but the healing process has begun. The family is eternally grateful for the student who helped them, and the microblog sites that brought them together.

News of the reunion spread quickly, and the sites that help families find abducted children have received massive amounts of attention. Here’ hoping for many more stories with happy endings. Thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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