Jennifer Schuett’s Attacker Commits Suicide

Author: PeopleFinders on October 21st, 2020
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Dennis Earl Bradford

When Jennifer Schuett was only 8-years-old she was kidnapped by Dennis Earl Bradford. The young girl was raped, dragged into the middle of a field and left to die. Once she was certain the man was gone, Jennifer tried to call for help, but couldn’t. Her abductor had slit her throat.

Jennifer was lucky to survive. After a grueling night alone, she was discovered by a group of kids who were playing games in the field. They ran to get help, and Jennifer was airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Doctors said Jennifer would never speak again, but she proved them wrong. She regained her voice and used it to help police find the man who attacked her. It took nearly 20 years, but thank to Jennifer’s perseverance and advanced DNA testing techniques, her tormentor was finally caught.

In October 2009, police arrested Dennis Earl Bradford for the abduction, rape and attempted murder of Jennifer Schuett. The young woman who refused to be a victim was relieved that this predator was finally behind bars. She awaited her day in court.

Dennis Earl Bradford was remanded to the Galveston County prison. He would never make it to trial. On Monday, May 10, Bradford’s body was found in his small cell; he had tied a noose and hung himself.

The news of Bradford’s death was difficult for Jennifer Schuett. She spent the last 20 years dreaming of facing her assailant in court, and felt robbed of her opportunity. Jennifer even knew exactly what she wanted to say to the man, “You chose the wrong little 45-pound, 8-year-old girl to try and murder. Because for 19 years I’ve thought of you every single day and helped search for you.”

Through it all – her brutal attack, nearly 2 decades of searching for the guilty person and now this unexpected turn – Jennifer remained strong. She encourages others to use their voices to speak out against crime and help the police track down predators. Jennifer’s heroic actions have inspired people throughout the country.

We admire and respect Jennifer for her remarkable courage and determination. She will continue to encourage victims to take a stand against violent offenders.

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