Is Your College Sweetheart Actually a Cheater?

Author: PeopleFinders on June 7th, 2019
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A substantial number of people in college have a cheating partner, although not all of them actually know it. The number of cheaters that go uncaught is very high. Even knowing that fact can be disconcerting. Even though it can be uncomfortable, it’s important to know the statistics behind college cheaters, so you know how to tell if your partner is cheating on you.

A recent study by OneClass, which surveyed over 3,500 students, revealed a number of shocking statistics regarding college cheaters. Here are the most important things you need to know about your likelihood of being cheated on.

1. Social Apps Are More Dangerous Than Dating Apps

You would think that finding Tinder on your significant other’s phone would be the primary indication of cheating. In fact, it’s actually much more likely that he or she is using a non-dating focused social networking app to flirt or even meet up with someone else.

The most common app for students to meet other people without telling their partner is Snapchat, raking in nearly 21% of the final tally. Instagram is second while Tinder is third. Right after that is Facebook, which means that of the top four apps that cheaters use, only one is actually a dating app.

Obviously, using a social app doesn’t necessarily equate to cheating. However, it’s clearly worth it to keep an eye on those habits. A quarter of students in a relationship who still use dating or social apps are flirting with someone outside the relationship, and 10% have actually met up with someone.

is your college sweetheart cheating on you

2. Many People Feel Completely Comfortable Using Dating Apps While in a Relationship

You’d think that those in a relationship would refrain from using dating apps, but many simply don’t care. Nearly 21% feel “Very Comfortable” flirting with someone on a dating app behind a partner’s back.

However, those who do cheat on a dating app are feeling the sting of guilt at least a little. Nearly 49% of students said they were “Uncomfortable” or “Very Uncomfortable” with flirting, and less than 29% reported being “Comfortable” or “Very Comfortable” with their flirting.

3. The Other Person Probably Doesn’t Feel Guilty

Among college singles who were flirting with people that they knew were in a relationship, guilt was fairly low. Over a quarter of singles have flirted with a person in a relationship and, especially among those flirting using a social app, they seemed generally unfazed. Nearly 64% of college singles felt “Very Comfortable,” “Comfortable,” or “Neutral” about flirting with a taken person on a social app, and less than 12% said they felt “Very Uncomfortable.”

4. Men Are More Likely to Cheat than Women

In all categories, men were overwhelmingly more likely to cheat. And they were also more likely to feel fine about it. Over 30% of men felt “Very Comfortable” using dating apps while in a relationship…twice as many as women. When it comes to social apps, 21% of men said they felt “Very Comfortable,” which is three times more than women are.

Even single students don’t escape this gender gap; over 64% of single men have flirted with someone in a relationship, making them 81% more likely to do so.

How Can I Catch My Partner in the Act?

Once you know all these statistics, it’s easy to become paranoid and constantly worry that your partner is secretly seeing someone without your consent. The truth is that most people don’t have anything to worry about. It’s true that 25% is a fairly high number, but that leaves three out of every four people who are staying loyal. Your best bet is to keep a diligent eye on to whom your partner is talking. For that, you need a site like PeopleFinders.

Although social apps are a common way for cheating partners to meet others, they’ll usually end up moving to other forms of communication. If you see a call or text from a suspicious number, take note of it and perform a reverse phone lookup to try and determine whom it belongs to. That way, you may be able to confirm for yourself if it’s just a friend, as your partner claims.


College relationships are hard, but you can keep your heart safe throughout. Make sure you encourage open communication to avoid problems. If things start to go south, PeopleFinders may help you discover your significant other’s cheating ways.

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