Is Your Baby Name Unique?

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Choosing your baby’s name is an extremely important decision, and one that will impact the rest of their life. More often than not, they’ll carry that name with them for the rest of their lives, and so many people want to give their baby an extremely unique name. No more Jane or John; people are striving toward making sure their babies carry a name that will separate them from the crowd. But how do you know if your baby’s name is truly as unique as you want it to be? Here are four ways to make sure your baby has a truly unique name.

Use a search engine.

Just searching for the name you’re considering on a search engine can often turn up some results. If anyone with that specific name has created a Facebook profile, for example, searching through a search engine can often show you that person. If you can’t find anyone with the exact name you’re considering, that’s a great indication that you might have come across a truly unique name. A tip for this method: surrounding the full name with quotes will return only results that contain the full name!

Browse baby naming websites.

For some people, making sure their baby has a unique or seldom-used first name is important, no matter how unique the combination of the first, middle, and last name is. Baby naming websites are a great way to find out how frequently-used your baby’s name would be. Some sites will let you know how frequently-used a name is, whether by the estimated number of people in the world who bear that name or by how frequently people look up the name on their site.

In addition, many baby naming websites have forums, where you can browse people’s proposed names for their child. If you’ve come up with your own unique name based on something in the world, you may want to see if anyone’s already thought of that name on the forums. You may even want to become a forum user and ask for other users’ opinions on your baby’s potential name!

Look up unique baby names that other people have compiled.

If you’re still looking for a sweet, unique name for your baby, and you haven’t exactly settled on anything yet, there are plenty of articles online proposing these names! There are even a couple of people who have published lists of baby names from certain websites that weren’t used even once for babies in the last year, according to the Social Security Administration, and even though the list has been published, it’s still unlikely that they’re used very often.

Use an online people search.

While search engines are all well and good, they can only find people who have decided to make themselves public. If you really want to get an accurate account of the people who have a name you’re debating on using for your child, you need to use an online people search. This will turn up those private people who don’t have a social media presence, so you can be completely sure you have a unique name for your baby.

PeopleFinders is a great way to search the maximum number of people, so you don’t have to wonder whether there are a huge number of people with your baby’s name who just aren’t very public with it. With the PeopleFinders people search option, you just have to put in a first and last name, and it’ll help you look through any and all public records that show the name you’ve entered. If you just want to make sure your child has a unique name for the area you’re living in, you can even narrow it down by city or state! This approach will ensure that you’ve found the people who have your child’s name, no matter what.


Deciding on a name for your baby is a huge step, and something that’s definitely not to be taken lightly. If you want a name that people will remember, finding an extremely unique name is something that’s high on many people’s lists. However, actually determining whether the name you’ve decided on is unique is difficult, and it’s important to go through all of your options when attempting to find anyone else with the name. By using PeopleFinders, you can be completely secure in your knowledge that you’ve found a name nobody else is using. Do your research on the name that you’re going to use — your baby will thank you!

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