How To Use PeopleFinders For Genealogy

Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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Would you like to learn more about your family tree? Not sure where to start?

PeopleFinders can help.

Find People Who Can Bring The Past To Life

There are many ways to learn about your family history. You can track down old documents, scour the Internet for information, and even travel the world while piecing together your ancestry.

One of the most exciting ways is to talk with people who have stories that can’t be found anywhere else.

Most every family has at least one historian who devotes much of their free time to research. These genealogy enthusiasts spend decades searching for documents, gravesites and photos. And they listen intently to tales from senior members of their clan. Much of the information they possess can’t be found in any database. It only exists in the minds of people who were there or heard first-hand accounts.

Get Phone Numbers & Addresses

One of the easiest ways to start your genealogical pursuit is to get addresses and phone numbers of relatives. Use them to find people who can provide the information you so eagerly seek. Then they can thrill you with intriguing tales that help fill in the blanks of your lineage.

PeopleFinders owns more than 4 decades of data. We have phone numbers and addresses from the last 40 years, and all the current details you need to find anyone, anywhere. Look up your relatives and ask to hear their stories, see their photos and share their discoveries.

Public Records

Public records contain a vast array of useful information about people. A PeopleFinders Membership gives you access to marriage, divorce, birth and death records. You’ll also get details about personal histories, property records and other useful tidbits. As a member, you’ll get unlimited searches so you can collect all the public records data you want.

Background Checks are packed with detailed information that is pulled directly from public records. They provide a comprehensive overview of anyone’s past to help you see the big picture. You can also start with a People Search for any relative. Your report will include a list of relatives that you can use to follow your family tree from branch to branch.

Learn About Your Lineage

We all feel a connection to our past. And we want to learn more about those who came before us. Their stories are an important part of our heritage.

Talking to your fellow family historians will help you build an ancestral portrait that is both comprehensive and personal. PeopleFinders can show you how to find even your most distant family members. Reach out to them so they can share your journey into the past.

Do you have a great story about a relative who helped trace your lineage? Then leave a comment below to share, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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