How to Tell if Someone in a Long Distance Relationship Is Cheating

Author: PeopleFinders on May 19th, 2020
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Long-distance relationships used to be nearly impossible. After all, if your only option for communicating with someone is writing and mailing a letter, it would have been very easy to get frustrated with the state of the relationship.

The telephone helped couples hear each other’s voice and stay in touch on a daily basis. But it still couldn’t let couples see each other or always reach one another when they wanted.

With the advent of email, instant messaging, and video chatting, it’s easier than ever to feel like your long-distance partner is right there with you. However, the distance may still have you worried that your partner is cheating on you. Here are seven ways to find out whether he or she really is.

The Person Stops Talking to You as Much

Sure, it’s normal to need some space at times. In a long-distance relationship, you shouldn’t expect that you’d be talking to each other every second of every day. Just like you’d expect an in-person partner to need a little alone time every so often, you should be willing to give your long-distance partner the same grace. If he or she becomes distant and withdrawn, though, there could be something wrong. While it could just be natural mood swings, it could also be a sign of hiding something.

The Person Becomes Very Defensive, Very Fast

If someone has a long history of being accused of things, or the person had a very controlling partner in the past, then he or she may be more likely to become defensive when you ask a simple question. However, if your partner suddenly starts reacting aggressively to simple requests or questions, it could be a sign of a hidden secret.

You Notice In-Person Habits Changing

You probably know a little bit about how your partner lives life, even if you don’t witness it all the time. Whether you see selfies from an event, your partner tells you about it, or a mutual friend mentions it offhandedly, you probably know where he or she likes to go, and how often. If your significant other starts geotagging in new areas, or starts to tell you about new expeditions, then it might be a sign.

Online Hours Change Drastically

Most people are online at fairly regular times. If your long-distance partner works a 9-to-5 job, for example, he or she may not be online during those times, except for a short period during lunch. However, if you start seeing your partner posting at strange times, especially after they would normally have gone to bed or be out with friends, then it could be sign they’re sneaking around with someone else.

Credit Card and Bank Statements Start Looking Suspicious

If you usually live together, but you’re living apart for a short period, you may have joint bank accounts and credit cards. The statements on these accounts can be incredibly damning. If your partner is having floral bouquets delivered, for example, and you haven’t been the one receiving them, then your partner has some explaining to do.

Drastic Appearance Changes

People go through phases. So, it’s not crazy for your partner to change things up now and again. However, if he or she suddenly adopts a new look, a new schedule, and a new online aesthetic, it may be to impress someone new. While it’s certainly not a dead giveaway, a sudden dramatic change can be indicative of an affair.


There’s no surefire way to tell if your partner is cheating, but there are distinct signs. It may not even be that your partner is cheating on you. You may be the person with whom this person is having an affair! If you want to check and make sure your partner doesn’t have a secret life, use a public records site like PeopleFinders to help you check the facts. Regardless of why you’re worried about cheating, PeopleFinders may be able to help you to soothe your fears or confirm your suspicions.

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