How to Raise a 21st Century Kid

Author: PeopleFinders on May 20th, 2020
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Today’s world is undoubtedly completely different from the world you grew up in. The rise of technology means that everyone is constantly connected, making socialization and collaboration much easier. People can learn, play, make friends, and even work from a single device. However, this accessibility also comes with a list of downsides.

Kids are especially vulnerable to a lot of the internet’s drawbacks, such as hateful and dangerous people. You can use technology to your advantage when raising your kids, while also keeping them safe from many dangers. Here are a few things you can do.

Utilize Built-in Child-Safe Protections

As kids have started to use the internet more and more, many companies have created built-in protections for the children who may be using their platform. Those protections often come in the form of “rating” systems that you can use to make sure your children aren’t looking at anything that’s too far above their maturity or learning level.

For example, instead of just downloading apps that look interesting for kids, you can find lists of kid-friendly apps. Different app stores have different rating levels, too. The App Store, for example, has a whole host of content restrictions that you can use to limit the apps your children download, while still letting them have fun. It can feel difficult to balance your children’s freedom with safety, but more and more websites and companies are giving you an easy way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Take Advantage of Learning Opportunities

The internet isn’t just for fun; it’s an incredible resource for learning. You can find hundreds of thousands of guides online to help you and your child learn how to do just about anything. Children are naturally curious, and the internet makes it easier than ever to help that creativity blossom. With the free content that you can find online, it’s easy to encourage your children to do something they’ll love.

The easiest way to find easily accessible information is to perform some internet searches. Entire websites, such as wikiHow, are specifically created to help. Remember to do those searches with your children. Not only is it a good bonding opportunity, but it helps ensure that they stay safe while learning. With so many options available, you’re sure to find something everyone will love.

Talk About Safety Early

It’s very important to make sure your kids stay safe online. The 21st century relies heavily upon computers and technology, and the internet has become an integral part of society. Your children will almost definitely be using it extremely frequently as they grow up, and they may even use it for employment when they’re older. To help you and your kids stay safe, make sure you introduce them to the concept of cybersecurity as early as possible.

Both adults and children can make security missteps online. When your children are just starting to learn how to use the internet, they’re also more likely to make privacy mistakes, and are at a higher risk of running into online predators. However, it’s also likely that they don’t really understand the importance of staying safe online. That’s a very dangerous combination, and something you need to address as early as possible. It’s important that you bring up potential online dangers and talk to your kids if you notice something out of the ordinary.


If you have kids, they’re going to want to start using the internet sooner or later. Instead of keeping them away from the internet because of its potential dangers, you can help your kids utilize it responsibly. All you have to do is make sure to set up appropriate safeguards and learn alongside your kids, so they can be independent without getting in trouble.

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