How to Know If He’s the One

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Once you’ve been in a relationship for long enough, you might start to wonder if this is whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. Short-term relationships are all well and good, but when you start actually feeling like you could spend a lifetime with someone, it’s probably time to investigate things a bit deeper. There are plenty of things you should ask yourself when you’re considering that all-important conversation about whether this should be a long-term thing; here are just a few of them.

Do you actually enjoy being around him?

Sure, it might be nice to go on dates once or twice a week, but how much time have you spent around him at a time? Do you routinely hang out with him outside of your dates, when you’re not all dolled up and looking your best? Sometimes, you like someone in certain environments but not in others. If you think about it and realize you don’t feel like you’ve really gotten to know him in a true manner, that’s okay! You’re not on a time limit. You should instead just think about going on some casual dates and reassess things further down the road.

Does he treat you well in public?

It’s easy to be nice to someone for a couple hours when you’re on a date, and it’s not even that difficult to do it when you’re at home. However, how does he treat you when you’re just casually in public? How does he treat you when you’re around his friends? If he’s not willing to be happy about the fact that he’s in a relationship with you, no matter what his friends or anyone else thinks, then he might not be right for you. If you’re considering making this a permanent relationship, it surely means you’re excited about your relationship with him; make sure he feels the same way!

Do you feel like you can share things with him?

Even if you feel like the relationship is deep enough that you can imagine spending the rest of your life with him, you’d be surprised at the difference between what you think of your relationship and the way your relationship actually is. If you find yourself withholding things, whether because you don’t want to talk about them or because you’re worried he’ll be upset with you about it, you should think very hard before deciding to commit to a long-term relationship. If you find yourself more comfortable talking to your other friends than you are talking to him, that’s a warning sign.

Is he hiding things from you?

This usually starts with little things. Did you find out that he’s smoking, even though he told you he wasn’t? Are you finding out that he’s going certain places that he said he wasn’t going to visit? These little things can quickly spiral into big things. He may even be hiding something such as prior cheating, which isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. However, the numbers don’t lie, and previous cheaters are 350% more likely to cheat.

If you’re worried that he may not have told you everything about situations or issues in his past, then you might want to consider an online people search to see what you can find out. Using PeopleFinders, you can look him up and get information about him that he may not have told you. You can see if he’s hiding important things such as criminal convictions. With a criminal records search, you can find out about an unlawful past a person may have had, no matter how thoroughly he tried to cover it up. Before you commit to someone, you should check through his history just to be sure. You may even want to do a background check to ensure no other skeletons remain in the closet.


There are many questions you should ask yourself when you start assessing whether your current partner is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. One of the most important ones is whether he’s hiding things from you; no matter what it is, if he’s willing to lie to you on little things, he may also be willing to on big things. Use PeopleFinders to find out if he’s been lying about a criminal background, so you can be secure in your feelings about him long before he pops the question.

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