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How to Keep Track of Your Child’s Phone

If you’re a parent, you know that it’s equally important to encourage your kids’ independence as well as make sure they stay safe. How do you balance that in the age of technology?

If you need more information about how to keep track of your child’s phone, you’ve come to the right place. With these tips and tricks, you may be able to keep your kids a little safer while still extending them the independence they need to grow and build confidence.

To help make sure your child is being safe on their phone:

-Talk to them about it

-Make having a phone contingent on being responsible

-Openly check unknown numbers they’re calling or texting

Open a Discussion

The most important thing to do is to open a discussion with your kids, rather than setting up immutable rules. After all, you’re trying to raise kids who will eventually be able to grow and thrive on their own, not kids who only know how to obey the rule book you’ve set up. Especially when it comes to kids who are a bit older, having a thoughtful and adult conversation is an important part of creating agreeable phone restrictions.

Make sure you frame this conversation as a genuine discussion, rather than just a veiled attempt to retain control of your child’s phone. If you’re just giving your child a phone and you want to set up this communication, do both things at the same time. That way, you’re not springing a new set of restrictions on your child without giving advanced notice. This will create a better dynamic between the two of you that can really make the conversation move more smoothly.

Give Phones to Responsible Kids

A great rule of thumb is to only give phones to kids who can be responsible with those phones. You may even want to tailor the type of phone you give to your kid’s needs if that child isn’t yet responsible enough for a phone. For example, you may want to give an old-school flip phone to a kid who needs to stay in contact with you while they’re at school, but who is also too young to really be able to use it responsibly. That could make it easier for you to keep your kids away from people who might otherwise want to harm them.

At some point, though, you should be able to mostly trust your kid with a phone. After all, in the real world, your child won’t have a parent available at all times to make sure nothing bad happens. The age at which you can fully trust your child with a phone may vary depending on the child. But you should remain open to the possibility of offering phone access with few or no strings attached at some point.

Check Unknown Numbers on Your Child’s Phone

One good way to make sure your child remains safe while still providing them plenty of independence lies in checking unknown phone numbers with which your child communicates. If you openly make an agreement to periodically check those phone numbers, that can give you the peace of mind of knowing to whom your kid is talking to while still providing them a measure of independence by not checking the full communication logs. PeopleFinders is one tool you can use to help you check these numbers.*

Interested in verifying the identity behind the phone numbers your child is texting and calling? Just perform a reverse phone lookup to try and get more information on a phone number, including more information about who owns the number in question. With that information, you can make more sure that your child is interacting with people safely. And with this phone search tool, you can maintain a verification structure to keep both yourself and your child safe.


Obviously, it’s not always easy to come up with a plan for keeping your kids safe. As much as you probably want to make sure your kids stay safe at all times, you also have to relinquish your hold a little bit to let your kids learn and grow from their mistakes. PeopleFinders can help you to loosen that hold without giving up the reins entirely. With PeopleFinders, it becomes easier to keep your kids safe, no matter who they’re talking to on their phones.

* PeopleFinders data is available only for adults, 18 years or older. In this instance, you may assume that any phone number data related to other children your child is contacting will actually be associated with their parents.

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