How To Get A Background Check On Anyone

Author: PeopleFinders on October 3rd, 2018
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There are many reasons you may need to learn more about someone’s past, and the best way to do it is with a Comprehensive Background Check. You might need information about an individual you’re going into business with, inviting into your home or just spending time with personally. Whatever your reason, a Background Report gives you all the facts you need to make a well informed decision about anyone.

Background Checks provide you with a large amount of useful information. They contain basic details such as complete names, addresses, phone numbers and ages. You can also find out if someone has gone through bankruptcy, had a tax lien or other civil judgment issued against them, owns property or holds a professional business license. People also use Background Checks to see if someone is married or divorced, and to find out if they have active profiles on social networking sites. Your report will even tell you if the person has AKA’s, aliases or criminal records on file.

Name Search
It’s easy to order a Background Check, and the most common way to get started is with a Search by Name.  This lets you type in a first and last name, and you can include a city and state to get the best results possible. Fill in the details, click the ‘Search’ button and you’ll see a results page that shows everyone who matches your criteria. Review each one until you find the right person and click the ‘View Details’ button underneath their name. Next you can order the Background Report only, or add our beneficial Identity Protection service to help protect your personal credit rating and get 20% off! Complete your order to receive the most thorough Background Check available anywhere.

More Options
You might not know the last name of someone you want to learn more about, so we offer a variety of search alternatives to help you find the right person. You can search using an Address, even if it’s out of date, or try an Advanced Search which lets you enter additional facts to narrow down your results. If you know all the digits, you can also try a Phone Number Search, or even a Social Security Number Search. Use the option that’s best for you, or email our Customer Care Team if you have additional questions.

Whether you want to know more about a person’s past to make sure your interests are protected, find out if they are someone you want to deal with professionally or protect your loved ones, a Background Check helps you get the complete story on anyone and make well informed decisions. Get the facts you need, and thank you for reading the People Search blog.

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