How to Find Owner Information on a Property

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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The decision to buy a piece of property, whether it’s a huge apartment complex or a small townhouse, is an enormous decision that carries a lot of weight. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, and you should do as much research as possible before you decide to go through with it. A significant amount of that research should be on the laws surrounding your purchase, and what you need to do in order to complete the purchase with the least amount of risk.

However, an important but often overlooked portion of researching before buying property is getting information on the owner. The risk involved in making such an enormous purchase should not be taken lightly, and if you know the owner’s background then you’re less likely to get ripped off or, worst case scenario, have your money stolen from you. Here are some easy ways to find information on the owner of a property you’re interested in buying.

Look Around on the Internet

If a property is for sale, the seller’s name should be listed somewhere, either around the property itself or somewhere on the Internet. If you can’t even find the seller’s name, try searching the address; if they’ve listed it for sale, you should at least get some results with those listings. Another great thing about looking around on the Internet is that you can see if they’ve listed the same property for different prices on different websites. It gives you an idea of the price they’re really looking to get for the property.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. Sometimes, the seller and the owner are two separate people, and it’s pretty common for the owner of a property to go through a real estate agency when they decide to sell. Real estate agencies generally don’t give out the name of the homeowner, which means this could easily lead to a dead end. However, it’s not a bad first option, considering that it’s simple and can give you results if the owner is selling the house directly.

Speak to Them Before Closing

This one is substantially less certain, and if you do find that the house is being sold through a real estate agency, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to get information on the owner before you buy. However, it’s a good idea to at least give it a try; you can’t predict what the real estate agency will say, and even just talking to them over the phone can give you information about them that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Speaking to someone lets you get a feel for the kind of person they are. It can make you understand if they seem to hide things or they seem very open, if they talk to people frequently or if they keep to themselves, and if they feel like a trustworthy person, or someone you don’t want to do business with. Be aware, though, that this is only a part of the puzzle, and shouldn’t be relied on entirely. It is, however, a great addition to your preexisting information.

Look Up the Property Directly

This is likely the most certain way of getting information about a property owner. Public records can have information on the owner of a property, even if they’re selling through an agency or another third party. It can also have other important information, such as foreclosures, which could have an important effect on how you go about buying the property. The problem is that it can be a lot of work and time to find those records, and the home could be gone by the time you do.

PeopleFinders helps you do all that work immediately, easily, and in a cost-efficient manner. With PeopleFinders’ address lookup, you can easily find information on a property, including the owner’s name, which you can then use to do a background and public records check. It’s the quickest and easiest way on the market to compile all the information you need to feel completely comfortable making the decision to buy a property.


Knowing information about the owner of a property is an important part of buying that property. It helps you further guard yourself against fraud, and can give you a clue as to the issues that could arise in the future with this buyer. Use PeopleFinders to get that information, as well as property information that’s even more extensive than what the owner or seller will tell you, all using a simple and straightforward process.

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