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How to Become Friends Again with Your Ex

Reaching Out After Break Up

Breakups may or may not come with bad blood behind them. If your relationship ended with a huge fight, or the breakup happened because one party was cheating, it would make sense not to want to see the other person again. However, relationships sometimes just end because the two of you don’t work together well in a romantic relationship. What do you do when you miss someone’s friendship, but you don’t see him or her very frequently or at all anymore? Here are the easiest ways to get back into your ex’s life after breaking up.

Go to Group Events Where Your Ex Will Likely Be

Meeting an ex one-on-one after you’ve already broken up can be awkward. Inviting the ex out to a restaurant can easily be construed as a date, and visiting his or her home or inviting your ex to your home will definitely raise more questions than it’ll answer. Instead, to avoid coming off as untoward or imposing, you can visit group events that you know your ex would be interested in. If he or she is a party person, try to attend some parties thrown by mutual friends. If you’re both part of the same general friend group, arrange a friend outing and invite your ex.

This isn’t a foolproof option; if your ex has moved away, or you don’t have very many mutual friends, it may be more difficult or seem awkward when you show up. It’s also probably not a good idea to go to events that you won’t like. If your ex doesn’t show up, you’ll have to awkwardly excuse yourself or sit through something you hate! Sign up for new hobbies and things you might love and you’ll have a much better time, even if you don’t get to reconnect.

Reach Out via Text or Social Media First

An in-person meeting often raises more questions than it answers. It’s normal to be a little awkward around the other person when you’ve recently changed your relationship dynamic. Social media, however, is often less difficult, as you’ll have time to construct a response and even ask other friends for input on how to act. If it goes well, then you may be able to transition into an in-person relationship much more easily!

Social media can also be a great way to find an ex that has moved or otherwise seemingly disappeared from your social circles. If you were on the same social media platforms when you were together, it’s likely you already know his or her profile, and most people have the number of a significant other saved in a phone. It’s an easy way to reconnect, and the more impersonal nature of technology means that you’re more likely to get a positive reaction.

Use a People Search to See Where You Can Find Him or Her

If your ex moved away, or isn’t accessible by the social media profiles and phone numbers you used to communicate when you were together, you may be worried that your search is over. As long as those changes weren’t because he or she wanted to get away from you specifically, you actually still have a chance! People searches are better than ever; they make it easy for you to find your ex and reconnect through a letter or a phone call.

By using PeopleFinders, you can get back in touch with your ex easily. You can use the public records search to find contact information if you know the general area your ex lives in, or the reverse phone lookup to find an address using a phone number, if you’d rather connect the old-fashioned way. If you want more tips and tricks on winning your ex back, you can even read the official PeopleFinders blog for great advice!


Getting back into your ex’s life definitely isn’t easy; your relationship will surely be different than it was when you were together, and even different than it was before you started dating. However, if you’re dedicated to it, you may find a great platonic relationship, or even get together again after you’ve both matured for a few more years. To find your ex and begin the journey toward another, slightly different relationship, you can use PeopleFinders as your first stop.

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