How Self-Employment Is Changing the Working World

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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For a long time, traditional employment was all but the only option when it came to making money. Working for a corporation, regardless of the industry, was always regarded as the best way to maintain a consistent income and provide for yourself and others. Sure, there were people who struck out on their own, but they usually created businesses rather than becoming a one-man operation or recruiting only a few other employees. With the rise of YouTube, blogging, e-commerce, freelancing websites, and more options, self-employment is regarded as a genuine option for a career. However, what’s self-employment and how is it actually changing the world? Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to self-employment on a societal level.

Self-Employment Is Still Growing

The numbers are already much higher than ever before: nearly 15 million Americans, or 10% of the workforce, are self-employed, and they have almost 30 million people working for them. Together, that accounts for 30% of the national workforce, a staggering amount when you consider how new most of these self-employment jobs are. The internet as we know it, with all of its self-employment opportunities and e-commerce options, is only 20 or 30 years old, and the growth to 10% of the workforce in only a generation or so is incredible. While it’s unlikely that self-employment will ever become the largest employment option in the United States, it’s likely that self-employment numbers will continue rising, especially as more and more people become dissatisfied with traditional employment.

Small Businesses Run by Self-Employed People Are on the Rise

When it comes down to it, 20% of people in the workforce are employed by self-employed people, which, while a fairly large number, is still a much lower ratio than the amount of CEOs to traditionally employed people. A 2014 study found that among self-employed people with employees, the median number of employees was only three, and the average was only 8.6, still much lower than at a traditional company. Self-employed people who employ others often run these small businesses like an agency, but agencies tend to fall into the same trap that traditional employers do, with so many employees and freelancers that it’s impossible to accommodate all of them effectively. Small businesses are still at odds with larger, more traditional companies with much deeper pockets and much more of a public sway, but the numbers don’t lie. Small businesses are just more able to accommodate employees, because monitoring three people is much easier than monitoring hundreds or even thousands of people.

Some Traditional Businesses Are Becoming Obsolete

For a long time, traditional businesses weren’t just the only option when it came to employment; they were also the only option when it came to consumers. However, as the internet becomes bigger and more impressive in its capabilities, plenty of business models are done easily by an automated or very low-cost service. For example, rather than hiring private investigators or spending time researching phone numbers and criminal records, you can use PeopleFinders to get all the same information immediately at a very low price. With PeopleFinders, you can find out the owner of any phone number, including private, unlisted, and cell phone numbers; run easy background checks; and even search for people just with a first name, last name, city, and state. It’s easier and more effective than hiring someone to do it, and that’s why traditional companies that do these kinds of jobs are becoming fewer and far between.


Self-employment is a more realistic option for success than ever before, and that choice is showing on the job market as a whole. Ten percent of people are working for themselves, and another 20 percent are working for people who are working for themselves, increasingly leading to a unique situation where people are working more as a group than as a hierarchy. While traditional businesses seem to have their place in the workforce today, self-employment is also becoming of an option. PeopleFinders, which has a blog, easy people search, and a reverse phone lookup system, is filling a gap that more difficult and expensive traditional systems have been filling for a significant amount of time. It’s clear that traditional employment is no longer the only option. Whether you’re creating a new service, making an existing service easier, or providing entertainment and information, there are self-employment options available that were never available before.

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