How Kimberly B Found Her Father After 29 Years Apart

Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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Imagine being separated from your family. Years go by without contact. You wonder where they live, if they’re doing well, and if they ever think about you.

This Wednesday is National Tell A Story Day. To get in the spirit, we’re happy to share a real-life story with an ending that filled our hearts with joy.

29 Years Apart

Kimberly B. hadn’t seen her father in 29 years. She tried to find him many times, but kept running into dead ends. After nearly 3 decades of searching she had all but given up hope.

Despite the years apart, Kimberly thought about her father every day. It didn’t matter that he’d been out of her life for so long. She just wanted to reconnect. Then one day, Kimberly had an idea.

An Unexpected People Search

Part of Kimberly’s job is finding and verifying contact information for customers. She uses reverse searches, a service that helps you find current addresses, phone numbers and other details for people in the United States. While at work one day, Kimberly had an inspiration. After finishing her scheduled searches, she took a personal moment. Then she tried a search for her father.

Although Kimberly runs people searches all the time, she didn’t expect to find the information she wanted. After so many years it seemed like a long shot. Still, she entered her father’s information and clicked Search. What she saw amazed her. There was a match on her screen. It was him.

Sibling Reunion

The story gets even better. Kimberly’s aunt, and her father’s only sister, happened to be in town for a visit. Of course Kimberly was eager to share her good news. She called her aunt immediately to explain what she’d found. Her aunt didn’t hesitate. After writing down the address, Kimberly’s aunt got into her car and drove off to find her brother.

Their reunion was far too long in the making. After the siblings spent time catching up, they called Kimberly. When the phone rang, Kimberly had a feeling it was the call she’d been waiting for. After 29 years without contact, Kimberly was finally talking to her father.

Rebuilding The Family

Today, Kimberly and her father are rebuilding their relationship. This process can take time. So much time apart can create many questions and uncertainties. But there is one thing we can all agree on. The important thing is they are back in each other’s lives.

Kimberly is thrilled to have found her father. She is excited to introduce him to her husband and two children. A full reunion is in the works. It will be a time to cherish. And then, they can all move forward as a family.

Missing Family

It’s easy for people to lose touch. Even the closest relationships can slowly fade away. More importantly, they can always come back together. Kimberly B. never forgot that simple truth.

Kimberly found her father again with a single search on If you’re missing someone important, it’s not too late. You can use the site to find and reconnect with people today. April 27, 2011 is National Tell A Story Day. Visit PeopleFinders first and write your own happy ending.

Time passes quickly. Spend it with the people you love. Do you have your own story to tell? Then leave a comment below to share your thoughts, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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