How Jaycee Dugard Became Free

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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By now we’ve all heard the chilling tale about Jaycee Dugard being kidnapped at the age of 11 and held captive for 18 years. During that time her alleged captor, Phillip Garrido, fathered two girls with Dugard and forced her and their children to live in a hidden section of his backyard. Two Berkeley police officers deserve the lion’s share of recognition for the rescue of Jaycee Dugard and her daughters.

Officer Lisa Campbell first met Garrido at The University of California on August 24th. Garrido had his daughters with him when he approached Campbell to discuss setting up an event on the college campus. Campbell noticed that something seemed very unusual about the girls, and noted that they should have been in school. She asked Garrido to return the next day to discuss his event.

That night officer Campbell ran a Background Check on Garrido, and found out that he was a Registered Sex Offender. In 1976 Garrido was arrested for kidnapping and raping a woman, and later sentenced to 50 years in prison. He was let out early after convincing authorities that he had changed his life around and deserved a second chance. Although he was a free man, Garrido still checked in with a parole officer in 2009.

Garrido returned to the Berkeley campus on August 25th, and Lisa Campbell brought along fellow police officer Allison Jacobs to meet him. During the meeting, Jacobs spoke with the girls and was told that they were home schooled along with a third sister who was not present. Jacobs noticed that the girls exhibited strange behaviors such as only giving one-word answers and either staring intently at the officers or Garrido. Both girls also looked very pale and sickly.

After the meeting, Jacobs called Garrido’s parole officer to explain what had happened. The parole officer informed her that Garrido didn’t have any children – a fact that Jacobs claimed stopped her “dead in her tracks”. This phone call led to the scheduling of another meeting with Garrido, along with Dugard and their daughters. Dugard was introduced as Garrido’s wife ‘Allissa’, but eventually he admitted that he had kidnapped her years ago. The FBI was called in, and the 1991 disappearance of Jaycee Dugard was finally solved.

We can all be thankful that Lisa Campbell had the presence of mind to order a Background Check on Phillip Garrido. It allowed her to discreetly learn about his criminal history and bring closure to a traumatic event for the Dugard family. People often rely on Background Reports when they need to find out more about anyone they know personally or professionally because they provide details about bankruptcies, criminal records and other information you need to make an informed decision. The information officer Campbell received helped lead to the arrest of a true predator.

Today Jaycee Dugard has been reunited with her family, and her daughters have finally met their grandmother and step-grandfather. It was an emotional scene, and one filled with both joy and pain. Although Dugard is happy to be back with her mother, her life with Garrido is all she has known for the last 18 years. The situation is even worse for her daughters – their father has been arrested on charges of kidnapping and raping their mother.

There may be no easy end to the story of Jaycee Dugard and her children. For now, all we can do is wish them well as they try to recover from this nearly 2-decade ordeal. As the world watches the events of this horrifying story unfold, we all send our hopes, prayers and best wishes out to the entire Dugard family. Thank you for reading the People Search blog.

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