How Can I Find Out If Someone Has Been Evicted Before?

Moving into a new neighborhood presents a set of possible risks to your family. That’s because, unknown to you, the next-door neighbor can be a possible threat to your family’s well-being. Given the limited interactions we have with our neighbors, particularly for those living in townhouses, we may barely know anything about them.

But danger may be lurking in your neighborhood, undetected. Fortunately, there are affordable, convenient, and legit ways to research the records of your neighbors and know if they’ve been evicted before.

how can I find out if someone has been evicted before?

Why It is Vital to Search Your Neighbor’s Eviction Records

Evictions come with a lot of headaches, but it’s important to note that these headaches can all be prevented by being a good tenant. Violating the terms of your lease, such as engaging in illicit behavior, failure to pay rent, or malicious property damage can form the basis of an eviction case. When a neighbor has an eviction history, it’s a red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.

Your Family’s Safety is Priceless

Safety will be a priority consideration if you’re planning to move into a location, especially if you’ve got young children. Having neighbors of questionable character is the last thing you want near your home. By searching for verified records, you get to know your neighbors better. There’s a priceless peace of mind that comes when you’ve searched for verified records of your neighbors, and they come out clean.

Property Safety

Additionally, if you’re about to purchase a property in a locality, it’s worth knowing the kind of people in the neighborhood for the general safety of your property.

Someone who lost their job and could not keep up with their rent payment may end up with an eviction record. Given the circumstances, it would be unfair to write off such an individual. That said, it’s prudent to go beyond the eviction history and investigate the underlying cause for the eviction.

eviction history

How To Look Up Eviction Records

Rather than walk in blind optimism about your neighbor, you can look them up in verifiable public databases. Please do it for your safety. Chances are that they might as well be looking up your criminal and eviction history.

Search state or county court records for evictions

Check public court records for evictions in your state or county records. If you need help navigating to the relevant site to look up records in your locality, visit the National Center for State Courts for assistance.

Enter the neighbor’s name that you want to look up for evictions. Read the details of the case to have a fuller grasp of what transpired during the case. With a few exceptions, most states will furnish you with a brief description of the case.

Use Online “People Search” Companies

Without leaving the comfort of your living room, you can conduct extensive online searches on your neighbors from verifiable databases. You can use their names to perform a search and access valuable information by looking up criminal and property records for information.

What’s more, you can still do an online search even without having their full name. You can quickly obtain the property address online and then use the address to search for details of those residing in the property.

how to see someone's eviction history

Use References From Landlords

You may obtain information about neighbors from the landlord or the previous landlords. Since you plan to settle in as a tenant in the area and not as a landlord, this route will have its unique challenges. The biggest hurdle will be the reluctance of neighbors to provide references of their landlords.

Remember, you can screen your neighbors using such “people search” like PeopleFinder to be sure you’re settling in a safe environment for your family. You need no permission to do so, and you’ll not be violating their private space. Be at peace by accessing priceless criminal and property information about your neighbors before you decide where to settle.

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