Happiness Happens In August

Author: PeopleFinders on October 10th, 2018
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Are you happy? Have you told anyone about it? August is National Happiness Happens month, and everyone is encouraged to share life’s little moments of joy.

According to The Secret Society Of Happy People, there are three goals for this month. They are to help people:
• Recognize and express happiness
• Listen to others talk about their happiness
• Not rain on other people’s parades

How Happiness Happens Happened
The Secret Society Of Happy People was founded in August, 1998. They wanted to encourage people to express and embrace their own happiness, and discourage people from dampening everyone else’s enthusiasm.

One year after the Society formed, they chose August 8 as Admit You’re Happy Day. Over time it became known as Happiness Happens Day, but 24 hours just wasn’t long enough to celebrate the joyfulness of life. In 2000 the celebration was extended to last the entire month.

Defining Happiness
We all have things that make us smile and put a little extra spring in our step. The folks at The Secret Society Of Happy People suggest making a list of things that make you happy. Here’s the start of ours:

• Helping people find and connect with anyone, anywhere.
• Sharing inspirational stories with family and friends.
• Learning about people who have done good deeds, helped others and made this world a better place.
Receiving emails from people who reunited with long-lost loved ones after finding them on PeopleFinders.com.
• Offering tips to help adults keep their families safe.
• Realizing that everyone can create their own happiness.

What Makes You Happy

We salute the folks at The Secret Society Of Happy People, and their efforts to make this world a happier place. So what makes you happy? Life is full of moments – large and small – that fill us with joy. Leave us a comment and tell us what brings a smile to your face. We want to hear from you.

Here’s hoping for a heap of happiness happening in August! Share your happiness, let others share their happiness with you, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders People Search blog.

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