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Author: PeopleFinders on October 3rd, 2018
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You’re invited to check out an exciting new service from It’s called PeopleFinders Rewards, and it offers deep discounts on premium PeopleFinders reports, free services and other great benefits.

We all want a little more out of life. More information. More security. More assurances that we’re doing what’s best for ourselves and our families. PeopleFinders Rewards helps you get more.

Background Check

Ever wish there was an easy way to learn more about someone you know, someone you just met or someone who may spend time around your family? There is – a background check gives you all the facts you need to make informed decisions about everyone in your life.

As a PeopleFinders Rewards member, you’ll get 20% off of every background check you order. And you’ll get unlimited background checks whenever you need them. Our background reports include:

• Aliases / Maiden Names
• Misdemeanors
• Felonies
• Address History
• Phone Numbers
• Age
• Property Ownership
• Marriages/Divorces
• Bankruptcies
• Other useful information

Reverse Phone Lookup

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number? You probably didn’t want to answer – but you did want to know who called. A reverse phone lookup tells you who owns any unfamiliar digits. It works on cell phones, land lines and unlisted numbers.

You can also use a reverse phone lookup to find someone with their old number. Maybe you have a friend, classmate or colleague that you just can’t find. Try searching for them using any number they once owned. Our phone lookup service uses any outdated number to help you find the person today.

Rewards members get all the phone lookups they want for 20% off the normal cost. You can use them to identify unknown callers, reconnect with people and even learn more about someone you just met.

Criminal Records

People may not want to admit they have a criminal record, but there are times when you just need to know. A Criminal Records Check is a quick and discreet way to find out if someone has a record anywhere in the United States.

A simple search by name helps you discover whether or not someone has a misdemeanor, felony or other charges. If they do, you’ll also learn more about the offense, sentence and other important details.

PeopleFinders Rewards gives you all the criminal reports you need at 20% off. Use them to see if anyone has a criminal history.

Free Monthly Self-Background Check

The Internet holds information about all of us. Ever wonder how much information is available about you?

A self-background check shows you exactly what people can learn about you online. And knowing what’s out there is the best way to take control of your online persona.

Every month you can get a free self-background report from PeopleFinders Rewards. Check your report monthly to stay up-to-date and in-the-know.

Free Family Safety Alerts

Parents want all the information they can get to keep their families safe. To help out, PeopleFinders Rewards gives you a free service called Safety Alerts.

Our Safety Alerts program empowers you to look for registered sex offenders living within any city or zip code. Use it to see if offenders reside near your home, child’s school or any other location of interest.

You’ll have constant access to email alerts the moment you sign up with PeopleFinders Rewards. They keep you informed about sex offenders in your area or anywhere you want to visit. It’s a great way to get the facts you need to plan ahead for safety.

A Rewarding Experience

PeopleFinders Rewards was created to say thank-you to our customers. Start your membership now to get 20% of our premium reports, free services and other great benefits.

To learn more about the great rewards you can enjoy, visit PeopleFinders today!

Have questions or comments about PeopleFinders Rewards? Use the comments section below to share your thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing from you, and we thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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