Feeding The Poor: The Story Of Narayanan Krishnan

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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His name is Narayanan Krishnan. In 2002 he was on the fast track to becoming a highly-paid chef, but chose to give it all up for a life of hard work without pay.

Years of training and an expensive education helped Krishnan land a job at a five-star hotel, and he was one of a very small group of people being considered for an enviable position in Switzerland. He planned a trip to pursue this career possibility, but stopped to visit his family in India first. While there, Krishnan saw things that changed his life forever.

Krishnan witnessed ghastly examples of people who were too poor and mentally ill to take care of themselves. Many of these people had been abandoned on the streets and were visibly on the verge of death. They seemed to have no hope.

An older man who was living under a bridge grabbed Krishnan’s attention. The man was barely alive, and Krishnan made the decision to feed him. This simple act of kindness was a turning point in Krishnan’s life. His new goal was to help these people. His people.

After flying back home, Krishnan quit his job and moved to India. Once there, he created Akshaya Trust, a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to helping homeless and destitute people and restoring human dignity. The word Akshaya means imperishable, and Krishnan used it to suggest that “human compassion should never decay or perish.”

Despite protests from his parents, who spent a large amount of money putting their son through culinary school, Krishnan opened a small kitchen facility in Madurai, India. Krishnan wanted his parents’ approval but would not be deterred; he asked his reluctant mother to come see the work he was doing. She agreed, and after her visit she not only gave her blessing, but also helped by feeding and taking care of her son so he could survive without a salary.

Akshaya relies on donations, but the amount received is never enough. To fill in the gaps, Krishnan adds the small amount of rent money he collects from a home that his grandfather contributed. It’s a difficult path: Krishnan and a few others who have joined the cause live and sleep in the small kitchen where they cook for people who might otherwise starve. They have no money, but they are happy.

Everyone who serves at Akshaya devotes most of their lives to helping people. Their morning starts 4am, and they regularly drive up to 125 miles each day to bring food to those who have no other options. Many of the recipients are so ill that they cannot even feed themselves. Krishnan hand-feeds everyone who needs assistance and provides any additional care he can, including haircuts and basic first aid.

People who receive food from Akshaya aren’t always able to express appreciation. It doesn’t matter. Krishnan and his team don’t expect anything in return for their efforts. They do it because they care, and because they want to help people.

At PeopleFinders, we greatly admire people who do what they can to help family, friends and even complete strangers. Our mission is helping people find anyone, anywhere, because we want to show people how they can reconnect with everyone who has touched their lives. We respect the incredible work Narayanan Krishnan has done with Akshaya Trust and encourage everyone to do what they can to help others and make this world a better place. Always remember we’re all in this together, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders People Search blog.

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