Earl Bradley, The Pediatrician Pedophile, Sentenced

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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Earl Bradley, the pediatrician who was accused of child molestation, has been sentenced.

Bradley was a trusted and respected practitioner in Delaware for many years. In 2009 a shocking accusation led to an investigation of the doctor and his private practice, Baybees Pediatrics. Authorities discovered evidence that turned the local community upside-down and landed the well-known Bradley behind bars.

Grim Evidence

It all began with a single voice. One young patient accused Dr. Bradley of touching and abusing her. The girl’s mom immediately turned to the police.

During their investigation, officers found 86 videos of Bradley performing sexual acts with children. Many of the victims were less than five-years-old. Officers suggested that Bradley preferred such young kids because they could not tell anyone what the doctor had done to them. In the videos, Bradley was seen sexually abusing young people, and then giving them ice to reduce swelling and bruises.

Spectators began to cry as the trial revealed alarming facts about the doctor’s heinous deeds. The revelation of everything Bradley had done was overwhelming. Feelings inside the courtroom ranged from disbelief to rage. Twenty armed officers were positioned throughout the room to prevent violent outbursts from disgusted onlookers.


In the end, Bradley was convicted on 24 counts. They included sexual assault, sexual exploitation and rape.

There was no jury for this trial. All of the evidence was presented to Judge William Carpenter, who weighed the facts and gave his decision. Earl Bradley was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Bradley’s Reaction

It was difficult to gauge Bradley’s reaction throughout the trial. He displayed no emotion during the proceedings, or after the verdict was given. His sentence begins on August 26.

The people of Delaware can breathe a sigh of relief that this pedophile pediatrician will never be part of society again. We can only imagine the pain this community has endured. May this sentencing be the start of a time of healing for everyone involved.

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