Did Cell Phones Change Your Life?

Author: PeopleFinders on October 23rd, 2018
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Chances are good that you have a cell phone. If so, then you have Martin Cooper to thank.

Back in 1973, Cooper worked for Motorola. One of their top competitors, AT&T, was spending much of their time developing a functional car phone. Cooper felt phones should provide even more personal freedom; he was determined to create a phone that people could use anywhere and anytime.

The Beginning
For three months Cooper worked with his Motorola team to build a working portable phone. By April they were ready to give a demonstration. It worked; Cooper made the world’s first cell phone call from the streets of New York.

The phone that Martin Cooper originally used looked nothing like what we have today. It was large, bulky and didn’t even have a camera. Just the same, that phone set a precedent and was a major step towards America’s love of cellular devices.

Phones As Big As Your Head
When the first cell phone was released, the foot-long device weighed more than two pounds and cost close to $4,000. Only a few were sold, but they were a great asset to business professionals who spent a lot of time on the go. Over time the process of creating these phones simplified, prices plummeted and sales went through the roof.

Inexpensive phones changed the way people communicate. In the past, people only owned a house phone. If they were away from home (or the office) and needed to make a call, they had to find a pay phone. These days phone booths are obsolete; people from most every age bracket carry a cell everywhere they go.

Cell Phones For Everyone
Over time, cell phones have progressed immensely. Today we have smart phones that can do almost anything and apps for every occasion. Phones have become smaller, more powerful and an indispensible part of life.

Cell phones changed the way Americans live. We can use them to take photos, surf the web, send texts, play games, watch movies and even hold conversations. We can find out who owns any phone number that calls our cell with a reverse phone lookup. We can get directions, check email and do most anything we want from most anywhere in the world.

Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Technology
Do you love your cell phone? It’s hard to imagine life without them, but they’ve only been part of mainstream America since the 1990’s. This incredible technology started with Martin Cooper and his team from Motorola, and continues to develop today.

In the future we can expect even more remarkable innovations from cellular technology. It’s an ever-growing industry that constantly surprises and delights us. Keep your mobile devices charged, remember to stay “hands-free” on the road, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders People Search blog.

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