Craft A New Family Bond With These Fun Kits!

Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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Spending time together after reconnecting with your loved ones can build family relationships that last a lifetime. PeopleFinders has found five great projects that are perfect for helping you craft a new family bond today!


 1. DIY Game Night

Via Amazon

This kit, available on Amazon, is the perfect recipe for creating a relationship with your family. Spend time together making your ideal board game, then take an evening for a family game night!


 2. Key To Your Heart

Via Etsy User Sun and Moon Craft Kits

Via Etsy User Sun and Moon Craft Kits

This 10-person key chain kit from Sun and Moon Craft Kits is perfect for the larger family craft night. Make them with family photos to show who holds the key (chain) to your heart!


 3. Give Them the World

Via Uncommon Goods

This creative globe from Uncommon Goods is the perfect way to see where your relatives, near and far, live. Put it together and have fun as you find different locations and scratch off the foil to visualize your family around the world.


 4. Buttery Bonding

Via Williams-Sonoma

Spend time bonding and learning in the kitchen with this DIY butter kit from Williams-Sonoma! Everyone loves butter, but nothing tastes as good as butter made with love and laughter by your family.


 5. Puppet Play

Via Melissa and Doug

This kit from Melissa and Doug is a great answer for families with children too small for a craft involving glue or scissors. Use the interchangeable parts to create your puppet, then have fun playing with the newest member of the family!



Know of more perfect kits for a family crafting night? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!




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