Choose Your College Friends Carefully

Author: PeopleFinders on May 19th, 2020
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In addition to the education you seek, friends are an important part of your overall college experience. Indeed, the friendships you form could provide you with another kind of education.

In many cases, college students tend to come together from a variety of locations and backgrounds. From this diverse pool, your potential friends can help you to expand your horizons, and open up your eyes to experiences, life views, and sides of yourself that you hadn’t considered before.

However, how do you make sure that those friends are actually beneficial to you? Is there a way to make sure that the friends you choose in college will become friends for life?

With these simple tips, you should be able to establish solid friendships that carry on well past your school years:

  • Take your time developing your friendships
  • Use shared interests as a foundation
  • Choose friends that have good friends
  • Make friends with people you can trust
  • Check to see if a potential friend has a criminal past

Don’t Get Close too Quickly

It’s tempting to try to get close with people very quickly–especially when you’re newly out on your own–but try to take things more slowly. You don’t want to give your trust to people unless they’ve earned it. In general, it’s a good thing to trust people. But unscrupulous types can prey on that trust.

Instead, make sure you keep potential friends at a safe distance until you’ve gotten to know them. It’s a natural way to establish trust and, eventually, develop a deep friendship.

Find Friends Based upon Shared Interests

When you make friends in college, don’t do so solely based on what they’ll be able to get you. Don’t use your friendships to try to climb the ranks. Playing into superficial “cliques” like in high school will only make you miserable.

Instead, nurture relationships with people that you genuinely enjoy talking to. You’ll find that those friendships are the ones that last, and they’re more likely to have a positive impact on the person you end up becoming.

Choose People with Good Friends

If you feel uncomfortable with your friends’ friends, that’s probably a sign that you’re hanging out with the wrong people. Sure, you’re not going to be best friends with everyone your friends hang out with. And sometimes, friends will have people in their own circles that you just don’t get along with.

However, if you feel like someone has untrustworthy friends, or you’re actually worried about your safety, that’s probably a sign that you should leave the friendship.

Become Friends with People You Trust

Trust is an important factor in any relationship, and that includes platonic ones. With trust, you have a sense of safety. So, you can feel more confident in trying new things and spreading your wings with a new, trusted group of friends.

If you don’t trust your friends, you’re less likely to be honest with them. And if you don’t have people around which you can totally be yourself, what’s the point?

Check Your Potential Friends’ Criminal History

You probably don’t want to be friends with people who could potentially be dangerous; that’s not the kind of horizon-expanding you need.

As an adult, it’s up to you to verify if your concerns about a person’s criminal past are based in fact or not. Even if there are nonviolent criminal offenses on a person’s record, those offenses could still influence how you feel about him or her. If you want to try and make sure that you’re getting the full story when it comes to criminal backgrounds, try researching on a site like PeopleFinders.

With PeopleFinders, you can check on the criminal records of people you meet. Just use your potential friend’s first and last name to try and perform a criminal records search.* Then, you may be able to see criminal records associated with that person, violent or nonviolent. You may also find other important information, such as sex offender status, and maybe even contact information that can help you research further.


College is supposed to be a great part of your life. It’s a time when you should be able to have fun and find out who you are, even if that’s someone completely different from who you’ve been the rest of your life. You’re getting an education that will factor into who you choose to be as you get older, and that’s a wonderful thing.

In the process of expanding your mind and your inner circle, it’s still important that you pay attention to your safety. When you want to make sure that your college experience is both fun and safe, look into the search tools available through PeopleFinders. With these powerful tools, you can try to make your friendships in college that much safer, rewarding, and long-lasting.

*You must be 18 years or older to use the criminal records search on PeopleFinders. And criminal records are only available for subjects who are 18 years or older; we do not show records for minors. 

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