Check Your Spouse’s Phone With This! The Results May Shock You!

Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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If you’re married, you’ve thought about checking your spouse’s phone at some point at least once. Maybe natural human curiosity got the best of you (you’re nosey), or he was constantly on his phone and tuning you out, so you felt it was your obligation to do some snooping.

While your gut can give you hints that something is up, it can’t provide you with the solid proof you need before accusing someone. Without real evidence, you run the risk of creating a toxic environment in your marriage. A lack of self-confidence or being overly jealous aren’t reasons to confront your partner. However, proof of broken trust most certainly is. But how can you confirm your suspicions? By using tools like those available at

Are you ready to learn how our free people search can turn your suspicions into reality?  Read on to discover how to use information from your S.O.’s phone to get to the truth. Beware, what you find may shock you.

Cell Phone Scrutiny

Rather than taking the time to scrutinize every text message or unknown phone number on your spouse’s phone, take a peek at their cell phone bill. These handy pieces of paper will show you a list of all incoming and outgoing calls to and from your partner’s phone. Here’s what to keep watch for:

  • Frequent communications to the same number.
  • Calls or texts sent or received after you’ve gone to bed.
  • Phone usage times that don’t match up to your spouse’s story. He said he had a big presentation at work, but his outgoing call log reveals something different.

Once you’ve made your list of any numbers that make you suspicious,  the next step is to enter them into our reverse phone lookup.

Again, don’t be surprised if you find an attractive woman staring back at you from your screen when your spouse had her number listed under “Tom.” It’s a common practice for cheating spouses to try to cover their tracks. Saving numbers under false names is one way they do it. With PeopleFinders, you’ll get the person’s true identity, leaving little uncertainty about who they’ve been in contact with.

Uncover More with an Online Background Check

Still not convinced your spouse is unfaithful? You may decide to take your sleuthing a step further. If so, you can run the mystery person’s name through an online background check. That way you can find records of their location history, marital status, any run-ins with the law, contact details, and more. Some prying spouses can then use this info to pinpoint the possible side piece’s social media activity. Beware that you could find your spouse smiling beside them in their profile pictures and be in for an unwelcome surprise.

Is Your Spouse Really Who They Say They Are?

Maybe it’s not a matter of them slinking off with someone else. Maybe instead, you have a distinct feeling that your S.O. isn’t really who they say they are. Of course, no one wants to believe their life is a Dateline special, but it could be. If you’re plagued with doubt about your life partner, use a background check to dig deeper into their past. These free people finders can reveal past criminal histories, financial woes, even aliases.

What can be exposed just by checking your spouse’s phone can be overwhelming, but it’s better to have the information you need to make the best possible decision for your life than to continue living in the dark.

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