Celebrating Pride: 4 Love Stories You Have to Read

Author: PeopleFinders on October 8th, 2018
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The internet, for all its faults, is an incredible tool that connects us in all kinds of ways. One of the most positive is how it can help anyone find love! The modern age means that someone who has ever been special in your life is never really gone for good because there are always opportunities to reconnect, and there are plenty of cases of couples who met or reconnected. And it’s all thanks to the internet! In the spirit of Pride Month, we wanted to put together a list of five ways people reconnecting to help you remember that love is love!

Shen & Adriana

The tale of Shen and Adriana is a true story of queer love in the digital age. Even though the two initially met at the party of a mutual friend, it took the internet to bring them together. It turns out that the two actually connected by using Myspace! Social media and online platforms offer an excellent way for people to feel comfortable being themselves and present the best version of themselves for their best chance at love. It turns out that the internet worked for this couple because they’ve been together for nine years! If you ever meet someone at a party and got a name, but forgot to ask for their number, and your friends don’t have it, you can always look them up with an online search for their digits! It’s fast, easy, and could help you from missing out on true love!

Dominic & Nick

Is it dusty in here? Our eyes just feel a little dry. These two lovebirds first knew each other going all the way back to high school, but it wasn’t until much later that they finally connected. The tale of their love ended up going viral After meeting through a mutual friend while they were both in college, they used technology to stay in touch long distance. After seven years of long-distance dating from all over the country, the two finally got engaged, and are now happily married! By searching for someone online, it doesn’t matter how far away you are, you can always reconnect and find each other if it’s meant to be. What? We’re not crying, you’re crying!

Gus & Matt

You might know Gus Kenworthy best from his dazzling performance as a freestyle skier at the 2018 Olympic Games. What you might not know is about the inspiring way he found love through social media! Gus and his boyfriend Matthew Wilkas met on Instagram, and the two have been together since 2015. When two kissed on the slopes during the Olympics, it melted hearts around the globe. Even though Gus didn’t take home the gold, he still won the hearts of people everywhere, and a great win for pride!

Rene & Maggie

This femme artist couple also met on Instagram and found a new way to love each other, and themselves. Their relationship is a beautiful example of how self-love can be just as important as the love you share with someone else. The two got married in 2016 and are a shining story of modern love, marriage, and how it can flourish in the digital world. Who would believe that it was all thanks to a hashtag?


The internet can be a wild and discouraging place sometimes, but it’s important to stop and remember all the wonderful things that happen because of it, too! The internet offers so many different ways to connect with people on a genuine level or reconnect with people from your past. This Pride Month, trust PeopleFinders to give you access to thousands of public records, helping you get back in touch with that special someone. With a free online search, you can find their phone number and hopefully try for that shot at love that will last a lifetime.

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