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Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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How often do you think about your own name? That may seem like an odd question, but the first week of March is Celebrate Your Name Week. It’s seven days to ponder the importance of your personal moniker.

The concept of Celebrate Your Name Week was created by Jerry Hill in 1997. He encourages people to take time to learn more about their own name – and the names of others.

At PeopleFinders, we think names are very important. They are our personal titles. They help us build our sense of identity. And they help us identify, associate and reconnect with the people who share our world. So, we proudly present an updated version of our own Celebrate Your Name article, and encourage you to learn a little more about names this March.

Namesake Day

Were you named after someone? Perhaps a parent, great uncle or grandmother? The first day of Celebrate Your Name Week is the perfect time to find out.

It’s also an opportunity to see how many people share your name. Use PeopleFinders.com to run a search on your first and last name and see how many people share your exact moniker. You might even decide to contact one of your name twins.

Fun Facts About Names Day

Many of us were given the same name as a beloved relative. Others were named for a celebrity, event or even a season. Fun Facts About Names Monday is the perfect time to explore the silly stories and endearing anecdotes behind people’s names.

Find out if there are any funny tales about your own name. Look up your favorite celebrity’s real name. Then share what you learn with friends.

Unique Names Day

How many people have the same first and last name as you? Most of us share our name with others. But some monikers are exceptionally original!

Spend part of Unique Name Tuesday looking for unusually creative names. See the distinct titles people receive and find names that amuse and inspire you. You can use PeopleFinders.com to lookup some truly inimitable names.

Discover What Your Name Means Day

What does your name mean? Many of us have monikers with hidden meanings. The Wednesday of Celebrate Your Name Week is the perfect time to find out.

A good place to get started is MeaningofNames.com. You can use the site to learn about the origins of your first and last name. You may just discover that your name has a lot more significance than you ever realized.

Nametag Day

Take pride in your name by sharing it with others. The creator of Celebrate Your Name Week encourages people to wear a name tag all day long on Thursday.

This could be a fun way to meet new people and strike up conversations. Others may ask you about your nametag, leading to a discussion of this unusual-but-fun celebration of names. Try out your own nametag and see how people react.

Middle Name Pride Day

Middle names tend to be neglected. When was the last time you were introduced to someone and were told their middle name?

We don’t use our middle names or initials very often, but they are important. They help identify us as the unique individuals we all are. Middle names can also help you find the exact person you’re looking for. When you run a people search, adding a middle initial gives you more focused results. It’s time to celebrate our entire name!

Ancestor’s Names Day

After you’ve learned all about your own name, it’s time to look into the past. The last day of Celebrate Your Name Week is devoted to the art of genealogy. Discovering more about your ancestors helps you understand where you came from, and what helped make you the person you are today.

PeopleFinders.com helps you learn more about your ancestors. Use the site to lookup everyone who owns a branch of your current family tree so you can reach out to even your most distant relatives. Any of these great people could have a story you’ve never heard, photo you’ve never seen or another exciting connection to your lineage.

Start Playing The Name Game

March 3 – 9, 2013 is Celebrate Your Name Week. It’s 7 days to learn more about yourself, your ancestors and all the people in your world.

How will you celebrate names this March? Leave us a comment to share your story, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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