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Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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Like its name suggests, Mother’s Day is the day when mothers are celebrated in many cultures around the world. The day falls on a Sunday, usually in the Spring, and is the complement to Father’s Day, which is held later in the year.

Unfortunately, there is a group of women who are mothers, but are not recognized on Mother’s Day. These women are birth mothers, or women who birthed children and then gave them up for adoption. In the majority of families, it is the adoptive mother who enjoys the Mother’s Day celebrations. Birth Mother’s Day is a chance to honor this other important group of moms.

What is Birth Mother’s Day?

A group of Seattle birth mothers created a new holiday in 1990. Birth Mother’s Day falls on the Saturday before Mother’s Day (May 11, 2013), but it is unlikely that it will be found on any calendars. The goal behind creating Birth Mother’s Day was to not only honor and celebrate the birth mothers of this world, but to also educate the public about them.

While children often honor their mothers on Mother’s Day, this is not always the case for Birth Mother’s Day. Depending on the type of adoption, the children may not even know who their birth mother is. Birth Mother’s Day gatherings usually involve groups of women getting together to share stories and provide support and comfort to one another in the face of the very difficult decision all of them made in their past.

Birth Mother’s Day Controversy

Just as there has been debate around using the term birth mothers to describe these women who have given their children up for adoption, there is also debate about whether there should be a Birth Mother’s Day, and if it should be celebrated separately from Mother’s Day. Although the goal of the original group of women was to celebrate birth mothers and their sacrifice, some people have claimed that it is just another way to commercialize relationships and a method of propaganda for the adoption agencies.

Giving a child up for adoption is not an easy choice to make, and many women continue to struggle with their choice through most of their lives. Whether they are involved in an open or closed relationship, giving birth to another person is a major life event.

Celebrating Birth Mother’s Day

Types of adoption and contact between birth mothers and children range across the spectrum. Closed adoptions mean that children do not know who their birth parents are and the birth parents do not know where the child has been placed. Both parties may begin searching for each other when the child is older, but both the child and the birth parents have to agree. Open adoptions can mean that the birth parent knows where the child is placed, that the child may know who the birth parent is, and that there may be limited contact between the birth parent and child.

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