Buying a New Home? Keep Your Kids Safe with This Search!

Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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Nothing else stirs the emotions of a family like buying a new home. The kids are already picking out playsets for the backyard, and you’re daydreaming about the perfect paint for the living room. Before you plant your feet firmly on the purchasing side of things, you’ll want to make sure your new neighborhood is the right fit for your family. Buying a home is a big investment, but it’s nothing compared to the investment you have in your kids’ safety and well-being.

If you haven’t researched your potential new community yet, then read on. We’ll show you how to use resources like free people search tools and crime reports to keep your kids out of harm’s way.

Talk with Locals to Start Your Safety Search

Online resources are great, but no website knows your new neighborhood quite like the people who already live there. These people have the insider knowledge on things like traffic noise, Neighborhood Watch, and if any illegal activity has recently occurred in the neighborhood. During your chat, they may even reveal potential problem neighbors. You’ll want to write these names down or commit them to memory for our next tip.

Enter Anyone’s Name to Find Criminal Records

Remember those names you kept track of? This is where you’ll want to use them. Start by entering a person’s full name into a background check search. With PeopleFinders’ search tool you can access almost anyone’s criminal history in a matter of seconds. Find out if potential neighbors have been convicted of any serious crimes or misdemeanors because even small crimes matter when it comes to the safety of your kids.

What about the nice woman who welcomed you to the neighborhood and said she’s in charge of weekly carpool? What if you discovered through our free people finder search, she’s been arrested for speeding and reckless driving? This is the kind of valuable information you need as a parent to keep your kids protected.

You can use our comprehensive database to look into anyone in your new community. Get a clearer picture on people who come into contact with your kids on a daily basis like teachers, caregivers, bus drivers, and more.

Search for Sexual Predators in Your Area

No one wants to learn that their dream home is located near a sex offender. Even worse would be not knowing at all. That’s why you need to sign-up for an online person search report from PeopleFinders.  We also include detailed information on any sexual offenses. If you do find something unsettling, you can use it as a time to sit down with your kids and discuss potential risks and set clear family boundaries to ensure their safety no matter where you decide to live.

These search options can help you become more informed on the type of criminal activity that exists near your new home and those who perpetrate it in your future neighborhood. Take a proactive approach to buying a new home and research the surrounding area first. After all, what you find effects everything from the home’s resale value to your family’s sense of security.

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