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Author: PeopleFinders on November 29th, 2017
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Today’s business world thrives on data. From potential client lists to validating previously obtained data, there is a continuous need for pertinent information in all areas of business. can provide detailed records both from public and proprietary sources designed to benefit daily business functions and future sales or marketing planning. Take time to learn how information and data can build your company and help you tackle each day with the knowledge necessary to succeed.

Batch Processing

By definition, batch processing allows a large amount of data to be generated and collected without interaction from a user. Removing a user from this process allows the computers and programs to function at top speed and filter through the most amount of information possible. PeopleFinders utilizes business solutions such as batch processing to filter through public records and a variety of other relevant materials to access pertinent information, whether it is a simple contact phone number for a collection agency or specific demographics for a marketing team. This process allows a company to quickly find the information it needs for marketing, collections or other uses.

Collection Agencies

A collection agency is only as good as the information it obtains. Those in collections often do not want to be found. PeopleFinders can help collect current information on even the most challenging searches and help start the process off on the right path. Phone numbers, addresses, aliases and other details can be tracked and offered in a report specifically designed for each company and purpose. We also offer credit header phone files that are not currently available through any other competitive data provider. Allow your team to collect all fees owed by providing up-to-date contact information for every account in the database.

Life Insurance Companies & Providers

Life insurance claims involve a great deal of research for the adjuster and the providing company. PeopleFinders can grant companies access to accurate death records and link to living relatives throughout the country. In a few simple clicks, we can eliminate lengthy searches and out-of-date processes used to fulfill all standard and legal obligations associated with life insurance policies. In this situation, the family will be thankful that the search is expedient and the privacy of their personal information is maintained.

Sales & Marketing Teams

Sales and marketing teams depend on concrete demographics and data when planning for upcoming pitches or events. From consumer packaged goods to car manufacturing, we share a wide assortment of relevant details for accurate planning and new possible connections. Use our valuable resources to build a new potential client or customer list, and learn about their needs and current state of business.

Validating Data

We also allow companies to validate data and information already obtained by a third party vendor. Not all information provided can be accurate and up-to-date, especially when the company reaches out to multiple vendors over a long period of time. Thankfully, some data collection agencies have proven to be more reliable than others and we reach the top of that list. With our reputable mining, companies can be sure that they are utilizing the correct information to make formative decisions and follow best practices within their particular industry.

Reach out to PeopleFinders for business solutions and batch processing destined to improve your bottom line and work flow.

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