A Beginner’s Guide To Finding People Online

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Finding someone online can seem like an impossible task. After all, there are literally billions of people who use the Internet each day, and there are definitely at least a couple of other people out there who have that name. There may even be people in the same city with that name! How do you filter out the false positives, and how do you even find those to begin with?

Don’t worry too much. It’s actually easier than you may think to find people online. Anyone can do it, as long as they have a little insider’s knowledge.

Make Full Use of Search Engines

Sure, just searching someone’s name likely won’t turn up anything. If they have a sufficiently unique name, it may get a few results, but you’ll still have to filter out false positives. A search engine will turn up the most popular people first, which means if there’s a celebrity, a sports player, or a content creator with their name, they’re going to come up immediately.

Avoid this by searching multiple different phrases, with multiple different keywords. If you don’t know where they currently live, try searching them with their birth city, with the city you last heard they were in, or with a hobby they enjoy. Any information you have about them could help you find a social media account, or comments they’ve left on other accounts.

If you’re still coming up with the wrong people and you need more specific results, enclosing your phrase in quotation marks also makes sure it only turns up results with those particular words in that particular order. A name like John Smith may turn up people named Smith with a friend named John; those quotation marks avoid that.

Use As Many of Their Names As You Can

This doesn’t just mean legal names, or their full name including their middle name. It’s all about names that they use, regardless of if they use them on legal documents. Use middle names, nicknames, names they used in high school, anything that sounds like they could be using it on a social media site. Silly nicknames likely won’t get you anywhere, but a last name and a nickname, even if it’s not their name, probably will.

Try thinking about other names, too. Maiden names can help, or their mother’s maiden name, especially if they’re trying to stay hidden. Try finding marriage and divorce records to help you with some of those potential names. Like with anything else, you will have to filter out false positives, but if they’re trying not to be caught, you’ll probably get more results.

Ask Around

Friends and family will always be a great resource when you’re looking to find someone. If you’re not on good terms with them, try meeting up with them, exchanging some friendly small talk, and asking them about the person you’re looking for in a simple, gentle way. Don’t ask for super personal, identifying information right off the bat. Ask them where they last saw the person, or bring the person up in conversation to get them to reminisce a little.

Find Public Records

If you do know their full name, or even just their phone number, public records can help you narrow down the search, or even just find them for you. There’s an astounding amount of information that’s in the public domain, and it can lead you directly to them. The problem is, searching public records is hard work.

PeopleFinders can help you with that. Their public records searches are simple, cost-effective, and find an incredible amount of information for you. They can find that information from their full name, or even from just a telephone number, including a private or unlisted number. It’s a simple process, and even if it doesn’t lead you directly to them, it’s the best jumping-off point possible.


Finding people online isn’t as hard as you might think. Sure, it takes some hard work, and you’ll need to be involved in every point of the process, but it’s not like a detective show. If you’re willing to cover all your bases, you can definitely find the person you’re looking for. Plus, PeopleFinders gives you a great way to find the people you’re looking for with the least amount of effort.

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