How to Become an Email Search Sleuth

Author: PeopleFinders on May 22nd, 2020
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Most people are more than familiar with email. Just about everyone has an email address and many have multiple addresses. For the last few decades, email has become one of the fastest and most efficient ways to communicate on a professional or personal level. It has allowed people all over the world to stay in constant contact and certainly has made the world seem much smaller.

And now, by doing a quick email search, it is also possible to find people by email. Now, you can reconnect with an old friend or find a relative more easily than ever before.

The First Email Ever

The first email ever was sent in 1971 by a computer programmer named Ray Tomlinson. The project started out with a small group of programmers working on a shared time system. It was already capable of sending and receiving files between computers, but didn’t allow the user to see the message other than the portion he personally sent. It was designed to send and receive files. Tomlinson felt with some minor modifications, the system could be used to send messages more accessible to all parties involved.

According to Tomlinson, he made the necessary modifications and successfully sent a message between two computers that were actually sitting right next to each other. The only connection they had was to be linked to the same system. In addition to completing his mission, the familiar “@” symbol was used for the first time. This symbol was chosen to indicate which host the message was coming from. Much like modern email addresses, the original addresses were the user’s name followed by the “@” and the host name.

Using Email Search To Find People

It’s a good thing Tomlinson made his idea work because it has helped countless people find and reconnect to lost loved ones, friends and others. Despite our best efforts, sometimes important people fall out of our life and it’s necessary to get some help finding them again. PeopleFinders can help find people by email so you can reconnect simply with the use of an email address.

The most common reason to perform an email search is to find someone you have lost contact with, but there are several other reasons. In some cases, members use the reverse email function to locate the name of the person sending messages from an unfamiliar address. Unfortunately, email scams are common and an email search on can help find the person responsible.

Potential Information From Email Search

All kinds of useful bits of information can be found with an email search. Members have been able to learn the email address’ true owner’s name, phone numbers, social networks and much more, including their physical address. Obscure data such as music playlists and blogs are often found as well. In some cases, the email owner’s tweets, videos and anything they have posted to the internet also come up.

By turning to, you can learn more about the people sending you messages, or reconnect with a long lost friend or acquaintance.

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