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Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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On January 6, 1854, a literary character was born. It was some years later before he was recorded in print, but the character born on that day has reshaped the way the modern world has looked at a detective. Sherlock Holmes, I presume?

It wasn’t until a story set in 1914 suggested the birth of Sherlock Holmes, placing him at age 60. At this point in his life and career, he had solved several crimes and endured many terrific adventures with Dr. Watson. To this day, Holmes and Watson remain popular figures in both contemporary culture as well as the literary classics offered in novel and short story form from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

What if Sherlock Holmes had the Internet?

Isn’t that a can of worms you’d love to see opened? A modern-day Sherlock Holmes, timeless in every quality, sitting down to a computer or mobile device to do research and find quick answers to his unique manner of questioning. It would be quite entertaining. While we’ll probably never see that happen, the Internet serves as a search tool that easily rivals the skill set of Sherlock Holmes. Tools that you can put to use for your own sleuthing.

Using the internet, and services such as PeopleFinders, you can perform background checks, look into criminal records, and search public records for a variety of personal or professional reasons.

Investigate With Background Checks

Let’s assume you don’t have the detective skills of Sherlock Holmes to look into someone’s background. In the 21st century, there are several reasons why a background check would serve as an asset.

Personally, you may want to protect yourself from a bad business deal, or mixing with the wrong crowd. Background checks provide a wealth of information, and will immediately wave red flags about an individual, or offer the green light of progression. If you’re a parent, you may want to look into the friends of your children—this includes friends’ parents. Ultimately, a background check should offer peace of mind. And the information you desire is at your fingertips.

Inspect Criminal Records

In the age of identity theft and identity fraud, people aren’t always who they say they are. In the case of the master-mind Sherlock Holmes, he would never be fully trusting of someone upon meet and greet. This should be especially true in the 21st century, when many relationships are developed online.

When you’re curious about a person’s past, or if they have suggested they have an arrest history, it is a good idea to check for any potential criminal records. In some instances, you may find that an individual has a simple misdemeanor that cost them during their youth, but you might also find that someone is prone to repeated offenses, or even violent crimes.

Probe Public Records

Sherlock Holmes wasn’t only interested in learning facts about individuals, but also events, subject matter, and even locations. The same can be assumed for anyone who is searching the internet for specific pieces of information. A public records search will offer a wealth of information about a number of categorical subjects: birth records, property records, campaign contribution records, marriage and divorce records, financial records…the list goes on.

Whether you want information on a geographic location, or a person who lives in another part of the world, this information is available on

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