What’s In Your Background Check Report?

Author: PeopleFinders on May 22nd, 2020
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Your reputation. We all work hard to maintain a strong reputation and understand how others perceive us. We want to put our “best foot forward” for colleagues, friends and acquaintances. The best way to manage your reputation is to understand what people can learn about you online.

The Internet has information about almost everything … and everyone. People can learn about you from your own social network posts and personal profiles, or by ordering a background check.

So how much can people learn about you?

What is a background check?

A background check is a report that contains a large amount of information about an individual. It’s a collection of current and historical data that paints a deep portrait of anyone’s life. Background checks provide information like:

• Address histories
• Aliases and AKA’s
• Criminal records
• Bankruptcies
• Tax liens
• Property records
• Marriage & divorce records
• Other significant details

Where does this background information come from?

The information found in a background check comes from public records. A public record is a document that contains information about people, property, businesses and most anything else. These documents are collected by official agencies (local, state and federal). They file the hard copies and create electronic records that are stored in massive databases. A few examples of public records include:

• Birth records
• Marriage records
• Voter registration cards
• Magazine subscription forms
• Criminal records

Public records websites, like PeopleFinders.com, have access to this information after it is filed and recorded. The data is used to create people searches, reverse phone lookups and background checks.

Who can order a background check on me?

A lot of your information could be available through an online background check. So who can order a report on you? Pretty much anyone.

Background checks contain data that is publicly available. That means the general public is permitted to purchase and view this information. Many people could be interested in learning about your past:

• New friends
• Someone you met online
• Prospective employers
• People who may hire you as a contractor
• Anyone who might invite you into their home
• Potential dates
• Someone who wants to know if you’ve gone through bankruptcy
• Anyone who wants to see if you have a criminal record
• Other people in your life

Where to get a background check

You can order a comprehensive background check on yourself or most any other person. They are available from people search websites like PeopleFinders.com.

To get a background report, simply visit the site and search for a person using their first and last name. You’ll get a list of people who match your criteria. Choose the individual you want to learn more about, and click the “View Details” button. From there you’re just a couple steps away from getting all the facts you need in a complete and accurate background report.

How can I keep up with my own background report?

To manage your online reputation, you have to know what people could learn about you while searching the Internet. You can see everything people could discover about your past by running a background check on yourself.

A background check membership is an affordable and easy way to keep up with your online status. For just $12 a month you’ll get unlimited background checks that empower you to manage your online reputation and learn everything you need to know about the people in your life. Start your PeopleFinders membership today and take control of your reputation.

Are you concerned with your online persona? What have you done to manage and protect your personal status? Leave us a comment to share your story, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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