Back To School Safety Tips For Kids

Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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It’s hard to believe, but August is almost half over. Parents everywhere are starting to focus on preparing their children to go back to school.

A new semester can be an exciting time. Kids will soon be meeting new people, learning new things and having experiences that will shape the rest of their lives. It’s up to parents to show kids how to make going back to school a rewarding, enriching and safe event.

To School And Back
How will your kids travel to and from school? If you drive your children, you can drop them off in a safe area, preferably right in front of the facility. Parents with busy schedules may not be able to provide a ride, but they can offer some helpful safety tips.

Are your kids among the millions who ride in busses? Then you can teach them all about school bus safety. Tell your children to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before they step off the curb. Once they’re inside, ask them to remain seated and keep their entire body indoors at all times. Unfortunately most busses don’t have safety belts, but they should be worn when available.

Children who ride bikes to school should always wear helmets. Accidents happen every day, and a helmet provides a powerful layer of protection. Bikers must understand the rules of the road and obey traffic laws. Show your kids how to signal so drivers can tell when they are going to change direction. Kids may enjoy listening to music, but they will be safer if they don’t wear headphones so they can hear approaching vehicles.

If your kids walk to school, show them the best path in advance. Find a direct route, preferably one with crossing guards to help them across the street. While you’re planning the route, learn about potential predators in the area by running a Sex Offender Search. This will show you specific details about offenders who live near your home or child’s school. Tell your kids to walk with friends and have a trusted adult escort younger children whenever possible.

One of the most important things your kids should know is to never talk to strangers. Make sure they understand that it isn’t safe to accept gifts from people they don’t know, and that they must never, under any circumstances, get into a car without your permission.

After School Safety
School days don’t last as long as work days, so your children may spend some time home without you. Stress to your kids that they must never tell anyone they are home alone. Tell them not to answer the door while you’re away, or tell a call that they are unsupervised.

Many parents rely on in-house caregivers to watch their children after school. Adults should learn everything possible about anyone who spends time alone with their kids. Prepare some tough interview questions, ask for references and run a Background Check before hiring a sitter. After someone starts, ask your kids how they feel about the person. If they express fear, listen to their concerns and follow up until you are certain your loved ones are safe.

Time For Homework
While it’s not directly related to personal safety, homework is an important part of the back to school experience. If possible, create a dedicated workspace where your children can concentrate on schoolwork in a quiet environment.

When kids get stuck on an assignment, helping them can be a great opportunity for bonding and learning together. Show them how to do the work, but don’t just do it for them. Spending time with your kids while they’re doing homework can help them develop their minds and focus on responsibilities.

Kids may dread the end of summer freedom, but you can help get them ready to learn, make new friends and understand the importance of personal safety. Do you have any other back to school safety tips? Leave us a comment to share your thoughts, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders People Search blog.

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