Avoid Stress This Holiday Season

Author: PeopleFinders on October 10th, 2018
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Do the holidays stress you out? You’re not alone! We’ve come up some ideas to help get you through, and remember- the holidays are supposed to be filled with joy so be sure to smile through it.


1. Think Positive

Don’t sabotage yourself in your holiday planning before you begin. If you feel a tight knot of dread in your stomach when you see holiday decorations in the stores, you may be creating a stressful situation for yourself. Take time to enjoy decorating, buying gifts, and baking- whatever your holiday traditions involve.


2. Send Your Gifts and Cards Early

Don’t be that person at the post office in the incredibly long line! Build out your holiday address list now. Did you know that over 14% of people move every year? PeopleFinders has the most up-to-date addresses all in one place. Sign up today to update your address book – instantly and accurately! And remember, mail your holiday cards and gifts early and avoid the Post Office on December 20th- the last date to ship for delivery by December 25th.


3. Don’t Procrastinate- Easier Said Than Done, We Know

A simple way to ease the rush of the holiday season is to begin early. When you put holiday decorations away, pack them neatly so that you have minimal untangling to do next year. Buying small gifts and stocking stuffers through the year will also help relieve some of your shopping. Many holiday treats can be made in advance and frozen- they taste just as good!


4. Delegate

Remember that it’s okay to ask family members to pitch in with some of your holiday tasks. This year, instead of having one family member make the entire holiday dinner, everyone could make it a potluck!


5. Be Mindful of Your Eating Habits

The holidays are often used as an excuse to completely forget about eating healthy foods and that personal trainer you’ve worked with all year. Instead of filling your plate at every holiday party, take small portions of “comfort food” and sweets. You can still enjoy your favorite foods, but eating smaller portions can help you avoid the side effects that come with them!


6. Re-Set Expectations

We all expect a perfect celebration but that’s not always the case. Try not to run yourself ragged with small details. After all, what situation is your family most likely to look fondly back on in 10 years- you crying over slightly misshapen sugar cookies as you throw them away, or laughing and joking as a family while you decorate the cookies anyways?


Have more advice on avoiding stress during the holidays? Share it below in the comments!




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