How An Actress Tracked Down Her Father’s Alleged Killer With A Background Check

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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For Joselyn Martinez, the unthinkable happened in 1986. Her father was shot and killed. This senseless act of violence would drastically change the rest of her life.

New York City Police Officers soon had a prime suspect. A teenager named Justo Santos was thought to be the murderer. Santos quickly disappeared.

The Search For A Killer

Police began searching for Santos, but had no luck. Years later they learned that Santos had run away to his native Domican Republic. His trail went cold, and the case was no longer active.

Joselyn Martinez, an actress in New York, refused to give up. She simply would not accept that the man who may have killed her father could just get away. It was time to take matters into her own hands.

Social Networks And A Background Check

When social networking sites like MySpace and later Facebook became popular, Martinez tirelessly watched for any trace of the man who may have shot her father. She searched for signs of Justo Santos every way she could think of, but never had any luck.

In time, Martinez heard about public records websites. These sites, like and USA People Search, offer people searches and background checks – useful reports that help you find people and learn more about them. Just like that, Martinez had a new way to continue her search for Justo Santos.

A Background Check Discovery

It took time and dedication, but eventually Joselyn Martinez found exactly what she’d been looking for. She saw information about a Justo Santos who was living in Miami. Everything she read seemed to match up with the man who eluded her for so long.

Santos was working at a janitorial company in Miami, Florida. His phone number and address were available in a background report. Martinez took her discovery to the New York Police.


Officers reacted immediately. They finally had the information they needed. After confirming his identity, Santos was arrested. He reportedly admitted to the murder, and will be extradited to New York. All thanks to a woman who refused to give up, and a public records website.

You can learn a lot from a background check. They provide contact information, along with important facts such as criminal records, bankruptcies, property ownership and other useful details.

Our hearts go out to Joselyn Martinez for her loss. We’re happy that she and her family can finally get closure. We salute her for never giving up, and we thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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