A Walk Down The Aisle For A Paralyzed Bride

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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The human spirit is an amazing thing. When we are determined, is there anything we can’t accomplish?

Jennifer Darmon is a determined woman. She set out to do something millions of women have done before: walk down the aisle on her wedding day. But Jennifer had a major obstacle to overcome. She has been paralyzed since 2008.

Horrific Accident

You never know what life will bring. It was a sunny day in Grand Bend, Ontario. Jennifer and her boyfriend Mike were travelling with friends, enjoying a short outing. A car driving in the opposite direction suddenly crossed the median and slammed head-on into the group’s van.

Everyone but Jennifer crawled out of the wreckage. Mike, a paramedic, carefully pulled her out as they waited for help. Jennifer knew something was wrong immediately. She could not feel or move her legs.

Surgeries, Struggles And Worries

A Medi Flight helicopter airlifted Jennifer to the closest hospital. It was there she learned the severity of her injuries. Jennifer suffered from a fractured vertebra and severe nerve damage. It seemed she might never walk again.

To make matters even worse, Jennifer feared Mike would leave her. She was about to undergo years of painful and exhausting rehabilitation. An experience like that can easily be the end of any young couple. Jennifer’s concerns proved to be unwarranted. Mike resolved to be there for the woman he loved.

A Proposal

In 2008, Mike got up the nerve to propose. Jennifer instantly agreed. But her joy at the moment was dampened. She wanted nothing more than to walk down the aisle, a feat that seemed impossible.

Major Strides For A Short Walk

After much thought, Jennifer made a decision. She was going to walk down the aisle. Her father would walk side-by-side with his only daughter. Jennifer would walk up to the man she loves and exchange wedding vows face-to-face.

For the next 3 years Jennifer worked towards her goal. She used a customized vehicle to drive to the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan 3 times a week. She endured painful and exhausting treatments. She worked with rehabilitative professionals, practiced wearing leg braces and showed more focus than most of us can imagine.

Dancing Into The Future

The big day finally arrived on April 18, 2011. Mike stood with his groomsmen, eagerly awaiting his bride. A large collection of family and friends sat in quiet anticipation. And then it happened.

The music began, and Jennifer Darmon appeared. She walked down the aisle, accompanied by her father, brother and 2 leg braces hidden beneath her dress. As loved ones started to tear up, Jennifer made silly faces to get them to smile. Then, she devoted all of her focus on the groom.

Jennifer looked at Mike with certainty in her eyes. Her steps were slow, but steady. She accomplished her dream, and more. During the reception, Jennifer defied the odds by enjoying her first dance as a married woman.

Congratulation to Jennifer and Mike. Your will and fortitude are inspiring. You prove that when people care about each other, nothing can stop them. May you enjoy a long and happy marriage. Thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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