A Shared Moment Of Silence

Author: PeopleFinders on October 10th, 2018
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For the last several days we’ve watched in stunned silence as people all over the world took time out of their busy lives to remember Michael Jackson. The King of Pop passed away on the same day as Farah Fawcett, June 25, 2009, making it a date that will be memorialized for generations to come.

Although most of us did not know him personally, Michael Jackson’s music and fame made him one of the most publicly recognizable entertainers of all time. When we spend so much time watching and listening to a celebrity, it’s easy to start to feel a personal connection with that person. Despite the many trials and tribulations Michael Jackson may have faced over the years, he touched the hearts and made a connection with millions of people while he was here.

At PeopleFinders.com we celebrate the art of connecting with other people. There are few things as tragic as a life that has been cut short, but if there is one positive outcome it’s that we are all reminded of how important it is to spend what time we have with the people we care about. As we watched the Michael Jackson Memorial Service, we saw first-hand that even with his busy schedule the performer still took every opportunity he could to devote to his friends and family.

The Memorial Service is over, and the news stations are starting to focus on other stories. People all over the planet, however, continue to mourn and reflect on one who was taken from us too soon. We honor the memory of those who have passed away by remembering that for those of us left behind it is never too late to find people and reconnect with anyone who has been an important part of our lives.

Life is fragile and unpredictable. We hope you are sharing yours with friends and family who make it all worthwhile. Thank you for reading the PeopleFinders.com People Search blog.

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