A Sex Offender Revealed

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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In 1997, Benjamin Cooper was convicted of sexually abusing a 15-year old girl. He served time in prison and was set free after completing his sentence. By 2010 he had moved into a family-based apartment complex in Buffalo, New York.

Marine Drive Apartments is a rent-controlled building with more than 600 units. For about a month it was the home of Benjamin Cooper. Although he claimed to be house-sitting for a friend, Cooper was not authorized to live in the apartment complex.

Cooper’s past was exposed by a tenant who ran a Sex Offender Search by Zip Code. The results included details about Cooper’s crime, and listed Marine Drive as his current address. After making this discovery, the shocked tenant turned to the Commissioner of Buffalo’s Municipal Housing Authority for help.

The Commissioner paid Cooper a visit, and told the man that he was trespassing. Cooper offered his explanation for being in the apartment, but when he was told the police had been called he made a hasty exit. Since then he is known to have relocated.

The discovery of a registered sex offender at Marine Drive Apartments caused a major uproar for the residents. Many have been very vocal about their dissatisfaction with the apartment manager not being aware that Cooper was living in the building. The manager contends that because Cooper was a guest of a renter, he had no way to know about the unsanctioned visitor.

To help soothe concerned residents, the woman who allowed Benjamin Cooper stay in her apartment was asked to move out. The management team now plans to review reports from an official sex offender registry twice a month to prevent something like this from ever happening again. For some long-term occupants, even this isn’t enough.

Benjamin Cooper was discovered living at Marine Drive Apartments after a resident ran a sex offender search. People all over the United States use this type of service to find useful information, such as what type of crime an offender committed. You can order a full report that includes names, addresses, physical descriptions and more by running a registered sex offender search by name, zip code or city.

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