A Reunion 32 Years In The Making

Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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Michelle “B” hadn’t seen her father Michael in nearly 32 years, but she never stopped dreaming about a reunion. She kept searching for him even when things seemed hopeless.

During the 1990s Michelle heard about a new online service called a people search. One website claimed to provide current contact information for most anyone in the United States. It seemed like the fastest way to find her father. She gave it a try.


After spending a large amount of time and money, Michelle was no closer to finding her father than when she began. The site she used provided more than 100 pages of data, but not the information she actually needed.

Michelle contacted the people who ran the site and requested a focused list of people who matched her search criteria. They weren’t able to help. It was time for a new strategy.

Second-Hand People Search

Despite the disappointment, Michelle remained determined. After a little more detective work she located her grandmother, but even that didn’t put her any closer to finding her dad. She decided to search for other relatives who might be able to help.

Eventually, Michelle heard of a website called PeopleFinders.com. She visited the site and found some useful information from the free people search preview, but after her bad luck with other sites was hesitant to order a complete report.


Despite her reservations, Michelle finally decided to try another people search. She returned to PeopleFinders.com and entered her father’s name. The results were encouraging, so she ordered a report and requested a PDF copy via email. As she looked at the report, she found information for three people. Among them was her father.

Years of searching, hundreds of dead-ends, and then finally, she had what she needed. Michelle wrote her father immediately and told him she wanted to make contact. She urged him not to let another day go by without them reconnecting. She concluded that she just wanted them to get to know each other without the shadow of the past looming overhead.

Short Wait

When Michelle mailed her letter, she still wasn’t certain it would find the intended recipient. She waited anxiously, but not for long. A few days later her phone rang. It was her father calling.

A jubilant father and daughter laughed, shared stories and made plans to meet in person. Michael was excited to learn that he has four grandsons, and can’t wait to make up for lost time. Their family reunion is planned for the fall.

A Beautiful Letter

At PeopleFinders we love hearing from people who reconnected with someone from their past with help from our services. Michelle took the time to write us a very touching letter, and we couldn’t be happier for her and her family.

In the letter, Michelle writes: “I did not expect to find him for $2.90. Everyone may not have the same success but it is definitely worth the try. Thank you for making this so easy after all of the extensive searching I have done on my own and all of the disappointment. I don’t know how I would have found him without you.”


Michelle shared her story in the hopes of showing others that it’s never too late to reconnect. She also reminded us why we do what we do: to help people find family, friends and anyone else.

Do you have someone you’ve been missing? It’s time to reunite. Visit PeopleFinders today and create your own happy ending. We thank Michelle for sharing her story, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders People Search blog.

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