6 Thanksgiving Turkey Substitutes for Anyone Who Doesn’t Want Turkey

Alternative Thanksgiving dinner ideas

Thanksgiving is one of the most heavily anticipated food moments of the entire year. However, while turkey is the traditional fare at Thanksgiving, there are a variety of reasons someone might not want to do turkey. Maybe you’re vegetarian or vegan, maybe you’re not going to be able to eat a whole turkey, or maybe you’re just interested in switching things up. These six substitutes could be the perfect option to take center stage.

1. Pork Roast

Ham is a common substitute for turkey at the Thanksgiving table, but what about a pork roast? Whether you choose to go all-out with stuffing and butcher’s twine or you keep it simple with a well-cooked tenderloin, a pork roast of some kind could be a great way to switch things up to a new kind of meat that’s still luxurious and delicious.

2. Beef Wellington

Most people know of Beef Wellington because of the significant amount of effort and precision required to make the dish. While Beef Wellington isn’t an everyday dish, its unique appearance and great taste make it an awesome option for such a lovely tradition as Thanksgiving dinner. Plus, there are plenty of ways to make it your own.

3. Roast Duck or Chicken

One option many people choose is to substitute the gigantic turkey with something that’s a bit smaller. You might roast, for example, a duck, a chicken, or even individual game hens. This can give you the same general experience of turkey, but on a much smaller scale, making it perfect for individuals or very small families who won’t eat much meat at Thanksgiving.

4. Tofurky Roast

What if you’re vegetarian or vegan and don’t want to eat meat on Thanksgiving at all? Tofurky is a brand name that makes plant-based stuffed Thanksgiving roasts. The Tofurky name brand is fully vegan, but there are other non-meat Thanksgiving roasts that may be best suited to vegetarians. This is a great option if there are many vegetarians in the family or if you just want to try something new.

5. Homemade Tofu Roast

While Tofurky is a brand name, it’s also possible to make a tofu meat-style roast on your own. However, you’ll likely want to take some extra time to test out this recipe and make sure it tastes amazing. If you go with the DIY option, make sure you think about what you’re going to put into it, do some research to see the best recipes, and try things out a week or two in advance.

6. Pot Pie

A pot pie is a great option for many families because it’s comforting, delicious and can be made either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. If you have many vegetarians and many non-vegetarians, you can even make two pies—one for the vegetarians, and one for the meat-eaters. While this could be a pretty significant divergence from the traditional meat-centered meal, it might be a fun way to mix things up.

Get in Contact With Your Family Members and Start Planning Thanksgiving

When you’re planning your Thanksgiving meal, you’re probably going to want to collaborate with the other people who are coming over. That way, you can make sure you know their food preferences, dietary restrictions, and any other needs they’ll have for the meal. If you don’t already have contact information, that’s where PeopleFinders can be very helpful.

With PeopleFinders, you can perform a quick people search on anyone who’s going to be coming over for Thanksgiving. That will give you access to contact information like their phone number. With their phone number, you’ll be able to get in touch and plan a Thanksgiving meal that everyone will love.


No matter why you’ve decided that turkey isn’t for you this Thanksgiving, there are plenty of other options available. That includes other meat options, vegetarian options, vegan options, and so much more. Use PeopleFinders to get in touch with your family members and start planning your Thanksgiving dinner the right way.

Image Attribution: Anna Om – stock.adobe.com

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