5 Safety Tips for Theme Park Trips

Author: PeopleFinders on May 19th, 2020
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If you’re like thousands of other families, you are planning to take a summer vacation this year. And the likely destination? A theme park. With infrastructures designed to keep you and your kids entertained and busy all day (or even a few days), they’re one-stop shops for your summer vacation needs.

Being safe should be a top priority when you’re going on a vacation. But it’s especially important when you’re at a theme park, where there are literally thousands of strangers going past you throughout the day. How do you make sure your theme park visit is as safe as possible? Take these five safety tips to heart:

1. Buy Portable Chargers

When you go to a theme park, not everyone might want to do the same things at the same time. So, if you decide to split up, it’s important that everyone can contact one another. As long as all separate parties have cell phones, you are likely to be much more willing to let members of your party go off and have fun alone.

However, what happens if their cell phone runs out of power? While there could be the occasional power outlet, there’s an easier answer: portable chargers. Portable chargers can offer hours of additional use in the event of a dead battery.

2. Create an Itinerary

If you know where everyone’s going to be at any given time, it’s going to be easier to keep tabs on things. For theme park visits with older kids, you may create multiple itineraries, while families with younger kids will usually stick to just one.

An itinerary is especially useful for major (larger) parks, as it can help make sure you get to see everything you’re most interested in, in the specific amount of time you have allotted.

3. Get Bracelets for Little Ones

Toddlers require constant attention at a theme park. There are so many things designed to catch their attention, and it only takes a few seconds of distraction to lose track of a little one. Even worse, if your toddler does wander off, he or she likely won’t be able to tell a park employee your full name or phone number.

To prepare for the worst-case scenario of losing your young child at the theme park, invest in a bracelet that includes your name and phone number. A park employee can read that info and call you to retrieve your lost child at a park office.

4. Teach Your Kids a Safety Plan

If your child suddenly can’t find you, does he or she know what to do? Lots of parents haven’t considered this possibility, and that could spell trouble if it does happen. Create a safety plan and go over it with your kids.

You don’t have to create a complicated 10-step plan; simply tell your kids how to find a park employee, and what to say. Make sure your kids know your phone number, or give them something that states your number on it.

5. Check Neighborhood Safety

The areas around the park and your hotel are just as important as the park itself. Whether you’ve reserved a room at a reputable hotel or booked a temporary residence online, it’s important that you know if it’s safe to be out and about when you’re not in the theme park. PeopleFinders can give you the tools you need to help make that decision.

With the PeopleFinders address lookup feature, you can try and make sure that the hotel you’re staying in–and the area around it–is just as safe as the rest of the trip. It’s especially useful because you can check out the hotel and other addresses throughout the area before you book. The address lookup may also tell you who owns the property you’re researching, potentially protecting you from rental scams on peer-to-peer sites.


Having a good time at a theme park is easy. After all, the park is meant to entertain you and your family. However, nobody can have a good time if safety issues arise.

The simple steps provided here can help you ensure that you’re able to enjoy yourself without having to worry about the safety of those you care about. Whether that means setting up safety precautions beforehand or performing an address lookup using PeopleFinders, simple steps can ensure the safety of your family.

The peace of mind that common-sense precautions can provide is well worth the small effort.

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