5 Reasons You Should Leave Instead of Cheating

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Cheating is an unfortunately common occurrence in relationships. In fact, about 21% of young adults have cheated in a relationship at least once — and the number might be even higher, with people being less likely to tell someone that they’ve cheated. It’s clearly not uncommon for people to feel the urge to cheat, especially if they’ve found someone they’re more interested in than their partner. But if you’re thinking of cheating on your significant other, there are many reasons you should restrain that urge. If you feel that you can’t help yourself, you should break off your current relationship instead. Here are the five most prominent reasons why.

1. It’s substantially more damaging to cheat than it is to break up.

It is upsetting and difficult to break up with someone. But it’s even worse if they find out you’re cheating. Not only will they be upset, and potentially heartbroken, but they’ll probably stop the relationship anyway. Essentially, the choice is between stopping the relationship and maintaining the relationship for a little bit longer but hurting your partner more when it does end.

2. It will impact all your other relationships.

The word “relationships” doesn’t include romantic relationships only. It also includes your family and platonic friends, and it’s extremely likely that they won’t take kindly to your cheating either. Whether it’s because someone cheated on them or they know the damage it causes, they probably won’t approve. They might even tell your partner if they find out. If you decide to lie to not only your partner but also all your other friends, you’ll strain your relationships with them as well.

3. It makes you more likely to cheat again.

People who have cheated once are 350% more likely to cheat again than people who haven’t ever cheated. Just recognizing the heartbreak that cheating can cause and refusing to let that happen to your partner can create a framework that might prevent you from cheating in the future. It’s an important risk to recognize, and for people who don’t realize it, there might be less of a moral line that stops them from cheating in the future. Cheaters might also get deeply involved with not getting caught and learn more effective ways of hiding themselves, making them more likely to think they can get away with it in the future. Don’t let yourself fall victim to that mindset.

4. It might lead to better communication in the future.

If you find someone you want to cheat with, it might work better if you go to your partner and tell them. Though it sounds counterintuitive, communicating with your partner can help you and them decide on a future course of action. If you both decide it’s better to go your separate ways, it will be less heartbreaking for the both of you. You might also decide to try an open relationship or become more accountable to each other to avoid the pitfalls of cheating. Either way, at least you’ll both know what you’re doing, and you can prepare for it.

5. It’s likely that you’ll get caught.

Sure, the modern era has made cheating easier with dating apps and websites geared specifically toward affairs, but it’s also gotten a lot easier to catch a partner cheating. With PeopleFinders, your partner can find out a lot of information about you. If they find a phone number they don’t recognize in your contact history, a reverse phone lookup can find the person you’re cheating with in a heartbeat. On the other side, if you’re lying to the person you’re cheating with, and telling them you’re not married, the public records search will turn up those marriage records, easily showing them that you’re lying. Both sides of the coin are easy to find, and when either party finds out, it’s sure to involve a horrible conversation. If you decide to leave the relationship and pursue someone else while you’re single, you won’t need to have that conversation.


Cheating is a difficult topic, and many people don’t like to talk about it. It happens far too often, and it hurts many people. So, if you want to make sure that all of your relationships, including your platonic relationships, stay intact, you’ll want to keep yourself from cheating. When your behaviors can be easily uncovered by PeopleFinders, you’ll want to stay far away from anything that could hurt your partner.

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