4 Ways to Find Your High School Sweetheart Again

Author: PeopleFinders on May 20th, 2020
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High school is a time of growth and change. When high schoolers aren’t working, studying, or applying to colleges, they’re making friends and cutting off friendships, forming and breaking cliques, and overall learning how to become adults.

Sometime during that crazy whirlwind of a journey, you probably had a girlfriend or boyfriend that you adored. Unfortunately, most people don’t end up staying with that high school someone; they move apart, go to college, set off on new adventures, or just generally grow apart.

If you’re still thinking about your high school sweetheart long after you’ve separated, it might be time to see if you can reconnect. Who knows; you might just hit it off again. Here are four ways to do it.

Try Social Media

Social media is everywhere in the 21st century, and finding someone who doesn’t have a social media account is rare. Over two billion people use Facebook every month, and most people use at least one social media site, even if it’s not Facebook. Everyone who uses the internet leaves a digital imprint, and it’s likely that most aren’t trying to hide those tracks. Try looking for your old high school, and see if you notice your high school sweetheart lurking somewhere in its digital shadow.

See if Your Yearbook Holds Any Clues

yearbook reconnecting high school sweethearts

Is he or she listed in your yearbook under a certain nickname? Was there mention of being interested in going to a specific city or college? Was an incredibly close friend mentioned as someone he or she planned to stay connected to?

Yearbooks can be incredibly helpful for finding someone who you thought you’d never be able to stay in contact with, as there tends to be a massive amount of information if you’re willing to search for it. Try searching that nickname or getting in touch with old friends. It’s a long shot, but it may be worth it.

Ask Mutual Friends

friends reconnecting high school sweethearts

Are you still friends with some other friends from high school? If so, they may have kept in touch with some of their other high school friends. You may have to go through a few iterations of friend circles, and you may even have to backtrack and try someone else.

However, if you try enough, you very well may be able to eventually get back to your high school sweetheart. After all, there are theories that say everyone can be connected within just six or seven steps. Besides, if your past partner kept in touch with high school friends as well, it’s more likely that he or she will be open to rekindling at least a friendship. And who knows where that friendship could go?

Use a People Search Engine

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This is the most straightforward method, and it’s probably the easiest as well. After all, if you have your yearbook and a first and last name, that’s pretty much all you need. On a site like PeopleFinders, you can run a people search with an incredibly small amount of information.

Just put your high school sweetheart’s first name and last name, and then fill in the city and state in which you went to high school. Hit search and you could find all types of records. You may easily find the information you need to get back in touch, whether through old-fashioned mail, email, a phone conversation, or even in person.

That’s not all you can do, either. The PeopleFinders blog is constantly cataloging new ways to use the site in your daily life. You may be able to find and contact your high school sweetheart in a snap. Then, who knows what else you’ll be able to do?


It’s true that many people don’t end up with their high school sweethearts in the end. However, the years after high school are full of strange happenings. Once high school is over and done with–as well as a couple more years to figure out who they are–people are much more willing to pursue a genuine, long-term relationship. That’s why getting back in contact with your high school sweetheart, even years later, can be the first step to something great. With PeopleFinders, that possibility is within your grasp.

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