4 Reasons You Should Get to Know Your Neighbors

Author: PeopleFinders on May 20th, 2020
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The 21st century has introduced an interesting dichotomy when it comes to building communities. Technology has made it easier to be close with people who live thousands of miles away, but at the same time, many people don’t reach out to those who live right across the street. Only 24% of adults living in urban areas say they know all or most of their neighbors. That means that three out of every four urban American adults don’t know very many of their neighbors.

While you might not even think about it, a number of reasons exist as to why you should get to know your neighbors. Here are the top four reasons that getting to know your neighbors could benefit you and your community.

It Makes Everyone Feel More at Home

Think about it: when you know the people who live near you, it’s easier to feel like the place you live is home. Instead of just living somewhere, you can actually feel like you fit in. That’s an extremely important part of living that many Americans are missing.

It’s not hard to reach out to your neighbors, either. It can just start with a friendly wave when you see them getting into their car. If you have kids, maybe ask the family across the street if their kids want to play outside with yours. These little steps will make the people you’re living near feel more comfortable with you, and vice versa.

You Can Ask for Help

Have you ever tried to lug a heavy or bulky item into your home with no help? It’s exhausting, and without help, you may find yourself stuck in an uncomfortable position with no way out. On the flip side, if you’re friendly with your neighbors, they’ll be more likely to see you struggling and come out to help. Or, you could just go ask for help.

It’s a bit awkward to knock on the door of someone you’ve never met and ask for help moving a couch. But it’s a lot less awkward to go to a friend who just happens to live nearby and ask for a hand.

Group Gatherings Can Be an All-Around Fun Affair

The idea of throwing a party is often relegated to people who have a large circle of “party friends” who are only interested in having a wild time at every party. But that’s not a necessity for a great party! When you know your neighbors, you likely know people from a variety of backgrounds. Hosting a neighborhood party is a great way to invite people of all ages, ethnicities, jobs, and interests into one location. If you’re willing to take the plunge, you can be the person who unites your community.

It’s Key to a Safer Neighborhood

Being safe in your own home is important, and it’s something that everyone should take steps toward achieving. When you talk to your neighbors, you can help everyone in your neighborhood be a little safer. People are more willing to look out for others that they know. And that means your neighbors will be more likely to tell you if they see something suspicious, or notice something isn’t as it seems.

Even better, you can determine if the people in your neighborhood are safe to begin with by using a people search site like PeopleFinders. It’s easy to see if the people living nearby are hiding anything from their past. Just go around and introduce yourself, so you can get your neighbors’ names. Then, perform a public records search on the adults in your area. You can get all kinds of background information, including criminal activity, which makes it easy to see who’s safe to be around.


At the end of the day, you’re probably going to be around your neighbors for quite a long time. Even if you’re not intending to settle down in your current place for a lifetime, it’s likely that you’ll be there for at least a few years. Make the most of it by getting to know your neighbors. Once you’ve introduced yourself, check PeopleFinders to make sure you aren’t associating with anyone with a dark past.

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